Jan 312015

Today I beat my Scrabble partner for the first time in a long time. As he likes to say he had no “puck luck” which is a hockey reference meaning they can’t get the puck in the net. I even let this ten year old of mine use “sounds the same” words or “looks like a word” words. Now, I know the game is supposed to be educational but really? He is a straight A+ student and read The Hobbit when he was 8. I am not worried about his ability to spell. So when he placed LZOMBIES on the board all I could do was laugh. He said it was clearly French for zombies. How do I argue with that? I am not in grade 5 French, maybe it is! After all, when he tossed VENDER and GIRT up there I was hesitant but after a little bit of Google I found that these are words. Whoda thunk it? Whatever the case, even with his “LZombies”, I still won which was a first in a very long time.

It isn’t about winning, it’s about laughter. <–Tweet This

It’s about the moments in your life where you are laying on the dirty floor and a Lego is cutting into your hip and all you can do is laugh because of French zombies, about the silliness your child brings up, about their joy for life, about the time you spend together. About God GIFTING you the chance to be their parent!!

God didn’t have to make me a Mama. He didn’t have to give me these exact children to love on and raise. He didn’t have to do any of it, in all of my imperfection He still shone down on me and blessed me with the beauty and sometimes shock of motherhood.

I am so blessed to still get hugs from my children when they are 12 and 10 years old. I am blessed to see their dedication to things they love and to things that weigh on their hearts. I love to see how giving they are whether it is my daughter donating all of her elastics for loom bracelets to a classmate who was going to South America and wanted to teach some of the local children how to make themselves some fun jewelry or when my son wins the Christianity award at school. I love to see my daughter loving science because she can understand it with ease and I love when my son glances at the Scrabble score and without thought tells me I am up 48 points when I would have had to calculate it on my fingers!

We all have these weaknesses and perhaps that’s why once they hit the higher grades they have a different teacher for each subject, someone who really knows a lot about the topic at hand and while that is fine and even wonderful I know that it is up to me and not the teachers or school or friends or anyone else but me to raise them up with God in their hearts and a passion for learning, helping, teaching and being their very best.

So tonight as dinner cooked and I stole a quick hug in the kitchen from the boy running through I took note of that moment because as independent as they are now I am still the Mama and they still look to me and need me. I pray that through my failures they will receive strength and they will learn from my mistakes. I pray that my life can be a testimony of failures that have been made right through the grace of God and that my children and their children will feel pulled to the Lord and love Him in all things, in all ways. That they will see my imperfections as human and that the only Perfect that exists is God Himself.

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