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This is my female Frog, when I got her she was sold as a “jelly Bean frog” and was about the size of her foot. As you can see she now reaches the bottom of the tank and has her face sticking out of the water.

These frogs breathe air, so they NEED space at the top of the tank or you are highly likely to have an escaped frog that dies of rapid dehydration because they are otherwise an aquatic species.

She was a really nice pink when I got her. I was under the impression that this was her natural color. Turns out though that these frogs are Albino and they are painfully dyed a pretty color and as they grow the color fades. If you know anything about Albino’s you are likely familiar with the fact that they don’t keep pigment. An albino human’s hair doesn’t even hold hair dye, at least not for long.

Anyway, this frog now looks like a super muscular raw turkey with red eyes. She is 6-8 inches long depending on her position. Oh, and if your unlucky enough to get a male, they croak!

Now, I love this frog, but I never would have bought her had I know how they are made to be pink. The dye actually causes them to permanently shed that outer layer of skin that makes them appear more like a frog and gives them this ultra-smooth poultry look. When you buy yours it will likely be small so they don’t seem aggressive. However, your frog has claws. Within hours of me adding her to my main tank she had killed every fish but my Pleco. They don’t have teeth but she left slash marks in each of the fish she killed with her claws. Now that she is bigger she will actively hunt anything that fits in her mouth, including snails and other fish. She ate my red-finned shark!!

So, she is housed alone now and while she seems to be rather sociable I can’t get her another frog because she will likely eat the little thing, and if she doesn’t it will be hard to tell if it is male or female until it is mature and that could leave me with several thousand frogs rather quickly.

She seems to enjoy the position she is in pictured above. She suspends herself in the water and has her little face out and just hangs out. If you look closely you can see her black toe nails on her back feet.

I am actually scared of her. I know I shouldn’t be but she is so muscular that I doubt I could handle her safely and her toe nails could easily scratch me and because she is an amphibian she does carry salmonella.

Next time you are in your local fish store ask them about these frogs. Educate them on how they are painfully colored and how dangerous they are to anyone else in the tank. If you have one of these frogs and you don’t want it anymore DO NOT RELEASE IT INTO THE WILD. They are considered an invasive species and have taken over waterways. If you can’t keep your frog anymore talk to your vet about a safe way to euthanize it, or, if you know of someone who you know won’t be irresponsible with it then you can always give it away. Just be sure to educate them first.

Popular aquarium specie that goes through the tortures of being dyed is the “Fruit Tetras” and the Glow Fish that require a black light.

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  11 Responses to “My African Clawed Frog – What the Local Fish Store Doesn’t Say”

  1. It’s your own fault that YOU didn’t research the frog first !! I rescued an amazing humongous female acf and have her in a 75 gallon fish tank with my oscar and I couldn’t love her more !!! Of course I know how to care for my pets , and I researched everything first especially compatibility !!
    You sound like a moron , but than again I did see that you are a Canadian go figure

  2. I own 2 of these little guys and they don’t have teeth, they are quite sociable with their owner. Mine eats from my finger

    • Mine too! I have 3 and I like to feed them separately to make sure each gets their portion. I love my babies <3 they like to be played with and they swim through my fingers it's so cool !! Definitely not a scary frog!

  3. This was the dumbest post ever. Who in their right mind would ever get a pet that they knew nothing about?? I was given mine because she was eating everything in the tank she came from. I had no idea what she was, so I went to a pet store and they told me everything I needed to know. They made it very clear this frog will indiscriminately will eat whatever else she could lol. I dont need to educate my pet store because they know how to do their jobs!!! Sounds like your pet store is shit and since youve been able to figure out all this on your own after the fact, maybe you should have done that yourself before buying the frog and blaming someone else.

    Why in the world would you be afraid of your pet? Mine will eat out of my hand and even nibble on my finger. She is very friendly and when you enter the room he swims towards you in his tank.

    Euthanize a frog? How about adopt it out or give it to someone else. God help you if you ever get a dog or cat that does not meet your standards.

  4. Unlucky enough to have a male??!! I love to listen to my boy singing, and have one more that is not fully grown that I am hoping is another male. And while you are learning about God’s plan for you, why don’t you let us know if that includes the euthanasia of His creatures just because you weren’t smart enough to decide if the care of that creature was suited to you before you bought it. Are you aware that they can live well over 20 years in some cases? Or if you even have a qualified veterinarian nearby? They are wonderful, playful things capable of recognizing family members, they like to be petted, and yes, will eat out of your hand. I’ve never been scratched or gotten salmonella from my frogs.

  5. This is horrid! You bought a frog because it was “cute”. Google is invented to research anything. A simple Google research would tell you all about these types of frogs. I love mine , he croaks me to sleep every night. He knows his feeding time and sometimes I put him small fish for him eat as a treat. He loves my cat , my cat stares at him all the time and they seem like friends.
    WHY?WHY? Euthanize it? Why put down God’s creature just because you were too dumb when purchasing him? When you buy something living ALWAYS think of you being its forever home!!!!
    My frog is very friendly and loving. Anyone with common sense would google all the right info on how to take care of a frog if they never had one.

  6. To add you should not have small gravel in the tank as the frog can swallow it and your water level is way too low. Frogs needs room to swim.
    I hope you have hiding places for the frog they get stressed easy and need a hiding place.

  7. I absolutely love my frogs!!! I did have one escape 2 days ago and finally found him. I hope he will be okay. They are both amazing pets.

    • If you found him alive and got him back to water he should be fine! You may want to use cling wrap over the pump and other holes to help prevent more escapes now that he has found a way!!

  8. I have a female african clawed frog and i love her so much…she stares at me all the time and looks forward to me feeding her, which she takes the food out of my fingers and i can gently rub her belly and back and she even puts her little hands around my finger…i know she is content and her favourite food are blood worms..i would like to get her a male companion though…hope things work out for you..i always do alot of research about all my pets

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