Nov 192014

I am at below five thousand words for my novel  that I began to write. I actually started with a different one but it was triggering my past way to much and causing my PTSD to act up so I switched and oddly enough my story is about a young girl who has been kidnapped. It still rings true to my life but it is about a girl I made up which somehow makes it easier to write. If i combine the two books I have written a little over ten thousand words, which still would leave me behind.

I am excited though even though the progress is slow. I have read so many books for review and for pleasure (and sometimes both!) that I figured it would actually be a very difficult thing to do but I am enjoying my story and the way it flows out of me without much thought when I actually do write.

I enjoy being encouraged to continue. I believe that in a lot of ways this will be very healing for me, which scares me for some reason. It is nice to have a goal in mind though and something that hopefully maybe will be worth sharing with the world at some point.

If you are writing a book how are you going about it? Did you plan it out or are the words coming from your brain as you place each word on the page?

I am excited to get to read the drafts of all the friends who are writing this fall!

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