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How We are Trained to Dress: Is it Okay?


My mom has a “complimentary” subscription to FLARE Magazine which is a fashion magazine. The most recent issue claims to display “New Year. New Chic” and “Inspired Winter Style, Now” among other things.

This is the January 2014 edition and by briefly skimming through it from the cover to page 103 {the end} there are no less than 59 pictures of women who are showing far too much skin.

The cover shows Star Trek’s heroine Zoe Saldana wearing a sheer skirt that seems to cover either black underwear or it has a “modesty” slip/panel in the very top part. Her belly is completely exposed and then she has on a white “shirt” with a peek-a-boo just over the band which really makes it look like a glorified sports bra. Her cleavage is also pushed up and exposed and then she is wearing some sort of puffy bolero type over-coat to cover her shoulders.

After all, with all those other clothes on her shoulders may just be the part that gets cold!

Speaking of cold, she is also wearing a 3-4 inch three strapped open shoe. I am not sure how those are classified as “winter” wear but then again I don’t understand how any piece of the outfit she has on would be considered appropriate for winter, or any season at that.

This is a magazine people pay to read and get fashion tips from. Yet, outside of a photo studio or runway these items are entirely useless. If you knocked on the door of your children’s friends homes and their mother answered dressed like that you would either think she hadn’t got dressed yet, had fallen off her rocker, or had such poor morals you wouldn’t leave your child in her care, regardless of what she actually spent!

The look is trashy and the magazine, like nearly all fashion magazines, is telling us to show our belly’s, embrace our curves, show our cleavage and to wear shorts and skirts that go so high up that if Photoshop didn’t exist we would be seeing even more!

Is the Impact Okay?

What does that do to our spirit? It encourages us to sin. A recantation of the forbidden fruit!

How does that type of dress keep me modest? Dressing the way media suggest doesn’t keep you modest. It does the opposite. The best is to keep your focus on your morals and to not allow anything to tell you that your moral and values are wrong. God would have left us all naked if we weren’t meant to cover up!

How does that preserve my body solely for my husband? Your body is your God given vessel or temple in which you are to reside in and use to please Him. This means that you are responsible for keeping it safe and protected from gawking eyes so that the gift of yourself to your husband is 100%.

No one who isn’t me or my husband needs to see my body in such provocative ways and even then what is between us is between us! The only exception to this is obviously doctors. You need to get regular checkups, men and women, and you need to feel comfortable with your doctor to do these exams. One way of feeling more comfortable being exposed for an exam is to have your spouse with you so you know you have their full support and their encouragement. If you don’t take care of your body and do preventative maintenance you will eventually break down.

It isn’t healthy for my soul, or a relationship and it definitely isn’t setting a good example for our children. Living with the world to see is definitely not healthy for your soul or your relationships. Even your spiritual relationship with God will suffer if you are consistently being disobedient to the Word and showing too much of yourself to people who should have no right to see your body. I am not saying be covered chin to toe but I am saying hide the ladies, wear clothes that are appropriate, don’t show your undergarments {bra straps ladies!}, and maintain a level of femininity that suits you and your family.

How can one tell their child that their skirt is too short if you can see Mama’s undies? Don’t we all love double standards? I remember when my oldest was very young I would share chocolate with her. I never felt it was right for mommy to enjoy or indulge and not allow the kids. So I made a rule way back then that I was going to set an example to my children regarding their clothing and lifestyle. I was going to practice what I preach!

It’s Just a Magazine!

Maybe it is just a magazine and I am reading too far into it, but then again, when I go shopping every single check out has magazines like this on display at the checkout lines.

Am I to cover the faces of my children? What about my own eyes when the magazine decides to display “the worlds sexiest man” in nothing more than a pair of underwear {by the way those guys really never are sexy, who votes!?}.

Cosmo advertises about 100 different sexual things you can do each month to spice up your love life and that magazine is sitting right there for every mother, father and child to see at the checkout. I don’t want my son to know those things and I don’t want my girls to think they HAVE to do these because the magazine suggested them.

What happened to “love”?

We are placing nudity and provocative clothing and even ideas of sex in the youngest of our children all because we want to purchase groceries or have something entertaining to read!

How TV has Changed

There was a time not that long ago that a woman couldn’t show her belly button on TV. {Gilligan’s Island anyone?}











Courtney Cox was the first person to do a feminine hygiene commercial on TV and use the word “period”.




We should be teaching ourselves and our children self respect and respect for their partners and the opposite sex. How are we supposed to do that when sex is literally EVERYWHERE?

For the most part, in my family, we have stopped watching TV and watch our shows online where there are no commercials to advertise to my children the immoral ways that they would see. I also normally pre-screen any show they will be watching to be cautious of immoral acts, too much skin and anything that will jeopardize their morals.

This is a task that is becoming more and more difficult as each season passes. For example, last year I was watching Nickelodeon and to my utter shock and dismay the show my children were watching used the word “vibrator” and it was indeed used in a sexual manner. I was quickly asked what one was and when I said it was nothing they needed to know about. In a whisper someone said “its a fake penis right?”. I nearly fainted!

Needless to say I now watch Nickelodeon with my kids when I allow them to watch the TV and not the pre-screened shows online.

That said, you have some shows that even if you don’t watch them it seems like everyone else does and your kids pick things up anyway.

One show that comes to mind immediately is The Big Bang Theory. I do not watch this show but other family members do.

My son actually explained to me what coitus was as a result of that show coming on and because sex is so mainstream a very large majority don’t see anything wrong with exposing their children to these types of shows and we end up with overly educated children who lack morals and values for their bodies and the bodies of those they are in contact with.

Long gone are the days of Full House and a “racy” kiss between committed partners or husband and wife teams. Where anything even closely resembling sexual context was in the form of a pun and often missed by the average person and anything that actually did discuss these types of things more openly didn’t come on until 11 or later to protect those innocent minds!

The Grass is Always Greener, Right?

Media is setting us all up to experience lust, unless the Bible has been updated “lust” is a mortal sin!

We covet the airbrushed bodies these people all magically have.

We go to great lengths to have hair like hers or his.

We spend a fortune to get a perfect complexion, whiter teeth, lighter/darker hair, make our long hair short and short hair long.

Whatever happened to being content being you, as is?

Avoiding the Pressure

It is a shame that so many people, especially women, end up selling themselves the way they do and giving themselves a bad name in the process. We can still be a modern, trendy mother with children who have “cool” clothes and fit in with the crowd while maintaining a higher set of morals/standards then media suggests.

It is often hard to find stores that will fit into this more wholesome mould but not impossible thanks to the internet. You can find beautiful skirts, dresses, shirts and modesty pieces at amazing prices that are often made to your measurements by small business owners who have similar convictions for their lives and their families. You can even get modest swimwear if you are willing to look!



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