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I have posted about One Thousand Gifts so many times I finally gave it its own tab at the top of the screen and I think it was right for me to do. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp still remains one of the most profound and life changing books I have EVER read and I have read a LOT of books.

I have been writing down things that I am grateful for since the first week of January of this year, 2014, and when I first began I thought there was absolutely no possible way that I would be able to come up with 1000 new gifts without repeating the same thing over and over and over again. Yet, now we are near mid-August and I am already at 1460 things listed giving God the glory and praise that He rightfully deserves.

Things that I once would have considered burdensome are now looked at as opportunities to pray, learn and most of all love through the power of God and to allow myself to be filled with the Holy Spirit just as I am when I spend time in the Word.

Hello Mornings

It is kind of funny because I am doing Hello Mornings again this round. Last round we focused on Acts and this time we are spending six weeks studying Jonah.

When I saw that Jonah was the study this time I sort of laughed because it is so short, yet Katie Orr was able to put together an inductive study that is 90 pages, yes, you read that right and I didn’t make a typo, ninety pages focusing on Jonah!

Oh how excited I am to learn and really get into the Word. For someone to have a 90 page book based on this glorious chapter there must be some message in nearly every word and that excites me because God, He has a lot of hidden treasures just waiting for us to find.

Pull out that metal detector and search for those riches, those pieces of gold. Those people who make Bible’s with the gilded edges, they know that the Bible is a book of gold, worthy of such treatment, worthy to be searched through, marked up, highlighted, taped, quoted and worn right thin. So little stories like Jonah’s get me pumped up because I know it is chalked full of heavenly goodness, even better than a frozen hot chocolate on a hot summer day!

Now, isn’t it interesting that in Nineveh, the very place that Jonah didn’t want to go is in the news right now constantly because of violence, slaughtering Christians like we are a herd of animals none-the-wiser and refusing to denounce our God, our Saviour and die in His name than to switch to another faith. Isn’t it amazing how God KNEW when the plans for what we would study and when would pertain to an area that is in desperate need of prayers and love and support? God is so incredibly AMAZING to have placed this in the hearts of our Hello Mornings leaders so long ago, making Jonah’s short story once again relevant to what is going on in the world.

Check out this article stating that “Christianity is Finished in Iraq


Where Have I Been?

Depression knocked me out several weeks back which pulled me away from the blogging world. Let’s face it, it’s hard to come up with words of encouragement when you are feeling so down. Since then I have perked up quite a bit, thanks to some wonderful people sharing bits and pieces of their own stories with me, reminding me that I am not alone, that not only is God there for me but He also created people to help support me during the dark and the light.

Thank you Jesus

A couple of weeks ago I was doing maintenance on my fish tanks. I have been doing maintenance on fish tanks my whole life and have never hurt myself before but that time I literally heard an audible POP come from my lower back/hip area. The pain has been nearly unbearable and has made me feel very ill. I am on pain medication and have been resting a LOT as a result of it. My back and legs are causing me so much pain that pulling the laptop onto me and sitting with it just hurts too much, so I am technically still online but I am spending more time laying down as it doesn’t hurt the way sitting or standing does (not that I stand while using my laptop too often). Please pray for me to recover soon, I feel like I have one foot in the grave, which is definitely not a good feeling!

The kids are enjoying this month as they start school again in September and we have spent quite a few days taking a quick swim to help cool off during these humid days. August is also school supply shopping month!

I had to laugh, and I mean I LAUGHED when I was shopping and found pink or black shag rugs for your school locker. There was also locker wallpaper, chandeliers that are motion sensored, TINY locker trash bins, containers for holding things etc. Now, I can sort of understand having a light in your locker, those places can be dark which makes it hard to find things, but a shag rug? I guess whoever came out with these products seen one too many episodes of Saved by The Bell where Screech was always managing to get shoved in a locker. I have no other explanation. And to think, I thought the animal print mechanical pencils my daughter wanted were a little out there!

Wrap It Up!

So to sum it all up, I have been busy with illness, being a mommy (which is normally pretty darned good IMO), participating in Hello Mornings, Five Minute Fridays, FMFPartySnailMail and getting plenty of rest.

How has your summer been? I pray it has been better than mine, at least in the pain category! What have you been doing? What projects has your family started and completed this year? Have you done any gardening?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you have been busy with. Why? Because your story matters!


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