Apr 102014

Paint – A True Portrait of God

The Bible tells us we are all created in the likeness of God, who painted us, who painted the world and who divinely inspires the hands of artists every single day.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
~Genesis 1:27~

I was going to post this painting I have seen of God that is a patchwork of Him in every color and race because it is so symbolic of each of us being His image. Then while I was pondering what that painting might be called or where I had even seen it I realized that that isn’t God.

God is the child digging through trash looking for something, anything, to eat.

God is the mom who hasn’t showered since who knows when because she has been up for a week with crying babies and sick children.

God is the person who works at home, the person who has some fancy degree and career.

We are representative of His image in everything so to “paint” God just isn’t possible in one single photo.

Instead, God is each child waiting for a sponsor on all those websites, the pastor who has to preach about Jesus without ever owning a Bible, He is the prisoner, the broken-hearted, the meek, the weak.

God’s portrait is painted everywhere, in every color, in everything.


The sunset, the melting snow, the snow that blows, the raindrops that fall from miles high. He is the broken tree, the frog that your child caught, he is the working bumble bee.

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Five Minute Friday

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  2 Responses to “Paint – A Five Minute Friday Post”

  1. I actually read from Genesis this morning and I love how God invites us to be a part of this great world He has created. I don’t know if I would put it the same way you do, but I absolutely believe that we see Him and we can know Him through His creation. What a great, incredible God we have!!!
    Thanks for lifting my eyes to Him!

  2. What a beautiful image of God you’ve painted . He is indeed everywhere and in everything, including You & me. Thank you for the reminder. Shandra

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