Jan 042016

I was using my pen earlier with my planner on the bed and when I came back to my bedroom after dinner my pen was missing. Around here we often say that missing things are a result of the “minute men”. My dad started that when we were young, I believe after he watched a movie. The joke was always that people in another dimension borrowed our item and didn’t return it by the time we got to looking.

As a mechanic, my dad would often use a tool while laying under a vehicle, place it down beside him and reach for it and it no longer being there. He would jump up, curse at those darned minute men and search everywhere for his tool. Finally, he would go find a different one and lay down to finish the work and when he would get up the first tool would be right there beside him where it should have been all along. So the “minute men” have definitely had their history in our family and I find it a fun thing to blame, though I really would like my pen to reappear sooner than later.

Now, clearly I am no expert in parallel universes or dimensions etc., but I do know that Biblically speaking there is a spirit world. We pray to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (spirit) and there are numerous references to dealing with demonic entities within the Bible -probably the most well remembered is “Legion”, over the years there have even been high profile movies made about this legendary force.

So, who knows where my pen is or why it is missing. I just think it is fun to imagine that it really did get picked up by the other side. Maybe even God Himself has taken my pen simply so that I would think or so that He could have me check my response to situations. It wasn’t that many years ago where I would rip the room and bed apart to search for the missing pen and get angry about it. I may have even become depressed and allowed something so silly to cause a major spiral ending in the not so pretty.

I am definitely not healed of my depression or my anxiety, but I have learned to accept that these things are a part of me and are only as “evil” as I will allow them to be. God created me uniquely and perfectly because let’s face it, He doesn’t make mistakes. Which means that my dealings with mental health issues can either be used to glorify Him or to slap Him in the face.

I don’t intend to slap God in the face!!!

I embrace my quirks and try and find the positive in every situation. My social anxiety and phobia of going out into loud or crowded spaces has most definitely kept me away from many sinful things. It has also freed up my time for more important things, like reading the Bible. I do my grocery shopping first thing in the morning on Tuesdays because it is the least busy and that saves time because I am not fighting crowds and I rarely have to stand in line. While it does stink to not enjoy being in big-loud-crowded places it definitely has its pluses too! I am more than content with spending time with myself. I love to write, read and even binge watch TV. I don’t have a ton of friends but the relationships I do have are very important and I am able to dedicate myself fully to each of them without feeling overdrawn or guilty of taking on too much.

I think having been through so much I have learned one big thing. Maybe the best thing I could ever learn and that is to follow God faithfully, even when nothing makes sense, because He is the only one who knows my future and my past. He wants nothing but the best for all of His children and ONLY through Him will I enjoy the treasures that He has laid before each of us!

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  1. I really think we would get along smashingly! I am SO not into crowds and loud places, and I spend way too much time all by my little self and am just fine with it. Must be something in my family genes – because my
    little sis is exactly the same way. 🙂


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