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(in)courage day brightner Over the last few weeks on Twitter and on Facebook I have seen quite a few people are participating in choosing one word to focus their lives and writing on for 2015.

I have been considering participating in this this year and really keeping focused on these changes in my life and allowing God to speak to me in a way that I can truly hear. I started with One Word last year and honestly, I can’t even remember the word I chose, oops!

So this year I decided that perhaps writing on a verse that has stood out to me would be a great idea as I continue to walk this path with Christ.

Choosing which verse to use was another story. After all, how many verses have I read in the past year and where do I even begin in picking one?

I began with searching through saved quotes and highlighted notes and this proved to be fruitful as one verse seemed to be on repeat. So yesterday, when it was on my DaySpring Day Brightener as the last day of the year I knew that God wanted me to ponder this verse and use it in my daily life throughout 2015, and beyond.

That verse is Mark 10:27

All things are possible with God.
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It is short and sweet but it is also words that I KNOW I need to focus more on. Each time I think that something isn’t possible I am losing faith and hope. When we lose faith and hope we are saying we don’t trust God, and that separation gives Satan a crack to crawl into and a warm place for him to grow like some fatal bacteria for our souls striving to pry us apart and keep us from experiencing His truth, joy and love.

Satan is the father of all lies and God is the Father of all love.
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Satan preys on our souls while we pray God into our souls.
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Satan teaches us to love hate while God teaches us that hate can’t exist where love resides.
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And, like a parent looking down at their infant sleeping, our Father whispers our names, counts the hairs on our heads, takes away our pains, and tells us He loves us.

Then, we realize, all things really are possible with God!

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  8 Responses to “Picking a Verse for 2015 #OneWord #OneVerse #FMFParty @incourage”

  1. I also pick one word (and one verse) to focus on each year. My word this year is “Believe” …. “Do not be afraid, just believe…..” (Luke 8:50). May we both grow our roots more deep in Him this year as we learn all He has for us in & through our one word & one verse. So glad that I stopped here this morning from Coffee for Your Heart. May you & yours have a most blessed New Year!

    • What a great idea Joanne! I never even thought to look for a verse and word in one 🙂 It sounds like you are definitely with the words you need most right now and I pray that you not only stay strong in your faith but it grows. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Amen. A new year is such a clean slate, reminding me God makes ALL things possible. Hoping you see God move mightily. Thanks for linking up for #ThreeWordWednesday.

    • I hadn’t heard of or seeen #ThreeWordWednesday before so when I saw it on another blog I had to check it out! Now I have to head right back over and check out all the wonderful linkups. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your encouraging words Kristin!

  3. This is great thinking, Marisa. Last year I picked a word and some scripture to back up that word and it seemed to serve me better. When I started to lose focus on the word, I resorted to the scripture to remind myself of what it was I was after. And it was awesome! I haven’t done this yet this year. I’m still praying and hoping for God to lay the word on my heart. “Deeper Still” seems to be a strong theme for me, like the Deeper Still conferences that Priscilla, Beth and Kay did for several years. I’ve always wanted to go “deeper still.” So maybe instead of a word, I have a phrase. I just don’t know… 😉

    • I think whatever it is that is speaking to your heart is what you should do. Last year I chose a word and honestly? I cannot remember it!! I picked one because it was time and not because it was what was on my heart. This year I found the scripture first and I thought I would only be doing scripture this year, then it seemed like I have all these unfinished things, unfinished letters, Bible studies, blog posts, drawings/paintings, phone calls never made etc and it only made sense that God would place “finish” in my heart because not finishing makes me feel like I failed. So taking on less and putting in more effort so it gets complete and gets complete in His name is the goal for the year, not just my writing but in my everyday. I want to “finish”.

  4. That is a great idea-and verse! Keep it in the forefront of your mind, and the year will be successful no matter what!

    • Thanks Sarah! I know that as long as I keep God first that everything will work out the way it is meant to and that the year will “finish” great!

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