May 102015

I have all these thoughts that often get listed in my to-do’s and then, I get side tracked. And by sidetracked, I mean hours or even days of putting something off to something else, usually something that is really pointless.

Like instead of reading a book like I would like to and need to I will end up watching YouTube videos of things I don’t even care about, at least not much. Not the cute cat videos or anything like that, though they can be distracting if they fill my Facebook feed. Please I beg you, stop posting cat videos!! That said watching how someone washes their hair is pretty much just as useless as the cats, because after all, I have had hair since day one. I know this because my baby pictures show it standing straight up on end!! Which means, I know how to wash my hair and really don’t need a video tutorial to show me how.

Then I check the views and I am like “wow I am only one in 400,000 who wasted their time watching this junk”, and I feel less guilty. I also feel a little sad for the people who feel the need to make these videos. Seriously, is it for attention or…?

You see what I am doing here right? I am totally procrastinating because right now I should be preparing my weekly schedule, reading three different books and preparing for Hello Mornings this week!

I totally wish I had tips to get past procrastination so I would LOVE to hear about yours!! How do you motivate yourself to do what needs done? How do you have that balance of cat videos (or whatever) and getting the larger tasks done?

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