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Pure: Importance of Keeping Your Words Pure - Trending Mama
Feb 222014

The Language We Speak: Is it Pure?

If you are anything like me you will often find yourself saying things that you don’t mean, using words that you don’t mean and while we pray for purity and modesty in our clothing, our children, even in our homes we often forget while we pray to pray for only His Word to spill from our mouths. Only words that He would have us use.

It is easy to let a cuss slip, especially when you were raised where cussing was normal. It’s even easy to hear children cuss these days because of the internet, school, peers and the adults around them.

Yet, the Bible, more specifically the Ten Commandments tell us “Thou shalt NOT kill”.

Thou shalt not kill. Did you think this really only means “do not end a life”? If that’s your interpretation I think you may need to read deeper, go back to a time in your own life where words have cut you down and killed something for you.

Calling someone or their idea stupid or dumb. Telling them they are a loser or that they suck. That all cuts a person down, no matter how old, how big or small, it kills their dreams, their imaginations. It can make them become more introverted, it can lead to low self-worth.

Yes, those small words that we hear that aren’t often considered to be necessarily bad, those are the words that hurt, that kill. Of course the swears that we are taught to be swears also do damage and can also kill, especially when used frequently, they take you away from your righteous place with the Lord.

So next time you chastise a child, speak with a partner or a friend, pray that words of encouragement are all that spill from your mouth. Pray that you speak the truth to them. Don’t kill their self-esteem, their hopes and dreams. Without dreamers most of what we have today wouldn’t be experienced. Someone had a dream, someone was encouraged, someone felt confident and they were able to nurture their dreams and allow them to become real.

When your child is rolling around on the floor extremely hyper instead of telling them to stop being silly ask them to simply settle down. Their energy isn’t silly, dumb, stupid or wrong. It just needs to be used appropriately, like outside, in the rec room, during times when adults aren’t trying to converse.

Keep your words pure, use the purity of the Word of the Lord. Keep dreams pure. Keep energy pure. Don’t place a negative swing on things because negativity kills. Teach yourself and your family to speak words of encouragement.

Thou shalt not kill. – Exodus 20:13

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength – Isaiah 40:31

Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the righteous. – Exodus 23:8

Pure words can heal

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