Jan 282016

“Why are you so petrified of silence? Here can you handle this…”

We listen to sounds all the time, especially as moms. It is easy to notice the silence. If you have a kid or a dog, you know that when things are quiet someone is most likely up to no good. If you struggle to sleep you likely shut the lights out at night and lay in bed thinking about the what ifs and the to do’s that tomorrow and next week and next year will bring and somewhere along the way we realize that the quiet can be a stressful time for us. It is hard to adjust to.

When you start taking time for yourself in the morning or in the evening to plan, journal, do Bible study and pray the quiet becomes a lot more tolerable. Quiet with a purpose is honey to the soul. It is beautiful and enriches our lives in such amazing ways, because the quiet is giving us soul-rest like an infant snuggled into its mama’s arms those quiet moments allow us to snuggle into God and become confident and comfortable with our own thoughts.

So when Alanis Morrisette sings the line quote at the beginning it is followed by a moment of silence and then the song picks up:

“did you think about your bills, your ex, a deadline, did you long for the next distraction?”

I am tired of longing for the next distraction and content in spending moments in the Word with the One who created me.

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  7 Responses to “Quiet #FMFParty”

  1. Beautiful, my friend. I too love quiet time with my God. I can’t make it through the day without first spending quiet time in study and prayer. And I compltetly know about the whole ‘dogs and kids being quiet’=something’s up ;).

  2. I can appreciate quiet…all the more because it’s rare here, what with living in a dog sanctuary (and I sleep in the kennel area to attend to the special needs guys, who have nightmares and have to be comforted).

    But sometimes, the quiet is merely freighted with snoring, and the small yips from happy dreams.

    I like that.

    33 at FMF this week.


  3. Great post, friend. The quiet is priceless to me. Without it in the morning, I’m a mess. I’m with you… tired of distractions and yearning for times of quiet with my Creator. Bless you!

  4. I too am tired of the next distraction. I want to be content in the stillness and listen to the voice of God. I’m in the 7 spot this week.

  5. “Quiet with a purpose” – YES. As soon as I saw this, it resonated with me. This is exactly what I long for, too.

  6. Such truth: I am tired of longing for the next distraction and content in spending moments in the Word with the One who created me.

  7. This: “Quiet with a purpose is honey to the soul.” Love it, Marisa.

    ~#117 this wk

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