Aug 312013

Relocating for Work

If you are one of the people who are relocating for work you may not be aware of the available tax deductions to you for so many things.

Moving is expensive. Once you factor in the moving truck, family and friends help, meals, possible hotel stays and what not your total has added up a lot more quickly  than just the price of your new residence.

If you already have an accountant or tax specialist simply pick up the phone and explain that you are moving for your work and ask them what all can be deducted in your area. You will likely be shocked by the amount of receipts you will be told to save!Work and Tax


Now while I know you are super busy and likely extraordinarily disorganized at the moment it is crucial to keep your receipts for your move. Everything from filling up for gas, marking your mileage down and keeping track of lost income for the days you are moving as well as the movers, the meals, the hotel stays (or stay with family), the packers, all can be used to help you get a tax refund when  you file your income taxes. During your move keep an envelope handy, in either your car or overnight bag and toss every single receipt in it so your tax specialist can help you. Both BIG and SMALL receipts should be kept. Three dollars here and there ads up really quickly! Don’t forget to log your time because in a lot of areas your time can be counted as money but you need to have things written down and documented.

Things You May Not Consider

  • kennel costs for your pets
  • new city tags for your animals to be registered
  • fees for change of address
  • fees for opening new utility accounts
  • change of service charges for cancelled contracts like cell phones, tv etc that you pay because of the move
  • vehicle registration changes for new plates, safeties, tags
  • parking
  • insurance changes and any penalties

In your area you may also be able to claim things like

  • work clothes
  • office supplies
  • computers
  • internet
  • phone
  • cell service
  • commuting costs

Your home office including

  • desks
  • chairs
  • lamps
  • printers
  • toner/ink
  • pens/pencils
  • paperclips
  • calculators
  • software
  • a portion of your electrical bill

At this point I hope you see my point. Safe those receipts for your move and if you aren’t moving you can still claim a lot of those things if you do any work from home.


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