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The Priest: Backstory

A priest in DC refused to perform the sacrament and the last rites for a man who was believed to be dying because during their short visit the man confessed that he had struggled with his sexuality his entire life and the priest quickly stopped and allegedly told the man that as long as he continued to live in sin he would not perform these sacred rituals.

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My Response to the Refusal of Last Rites

“Living in sin” is something that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. does every day.

The ONLY one without sin was Jesus.

The only one allowed to pass judgement is God.

So in this judgement, in this deciding which sin to approve of or not is itself acting against the Biblical teachings. If this man who is a representative of God is actually doing God’s job then there are issues far deeper than anything that the church can handle.

This man has essentially gone rogue in how he teaches and practices his faith and has seemingly forgotten to humble himself before the Lord. He needs prayed for just like all of us do. I sin today and I will sin tomorrow and everyday thereafter, not because I want to hurt God but because I was created as a sinner by God – who created me!

I don’t think its so much about Catholicism as much as it is about each of us admitting our sins and humbling ourselves before the Lord.

If we want to take the Biblical teachings literally, especially the old testament where it speaks about homosexuality it also speaks 613 commandments in total. These are the teachings which are actually what the Jewish people follow, or attempt to.

[Tweet “These include everything from what we can eat to what we can wear”]

Is someone who eats shellfish everyday or who wears polyester blends really going to land in hell if they don’t change their ways? I am not God, but I am guessing the answer is no. Perhaps it is something to pray about for each individual person.

As far as the Christian commandments go we have 11 {yes 11, not 10} and the first of them say that we should only believe in and worship God/Jesus and that we should never take His name in vain. Murder/killing, is farther down on the list than not honoring your parents!

The New Testament doesn’t even speak of sexuality, unless you consider the fact that the men of the NT often kiss each other as a greeting. The NT says “and a new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you; that you also love one another” – John 13:34.

So am I wrong to think that this means that Jesus was replacing the OT ways of judgement and hate with something simple like live in love and I will deal with the rest? If only it were that simple, fortunately it can be if we make the effort to simply love.

[Tweet ” love one another as I have loved you – John 13:34″]

Final Thoughts

If someone feels they would like their last rites or they would like to receive a holy sacrament then it isn’t for us to decide. That decision, the decisions we each make for our own lives, is between each individual and the Lord Himself. Do I agree with the priest? No, but his decisions today will be between him and God and it’s not up to me to pass judgement on him. Instead, I will pray for him and the decisions he makes so that he has peace in his heart and more importantly peace with God.

I realize that this post is controversial among Christians but my heart, my soul, my prayers over many years have led me to feel that acceptance of all people and spreading love is the best way that I can please my God.


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