Oct 122014

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but with more hectic lives than ever before I am fairly certain that most people feel stressed out about the upcoming week and having everything ready for it on a Sunday. Getting things prepared for school, homework done, work things packed, laundry done, clothes picked out, weather checked and checked again, Church, family time, sports events, children being in extracurricular activities. Yes, weekends are definitely far more hectic than they need to be and I will boldly say it I believe that if women stayed home and put family before career that everything would run smoother and everyone would be happier.

There, I said it. In bold.

While I don`t discourage women from learning or even having a job or career it seems as though we push the important things back in today’s society and put the money and the career first. Women are having children and getting married far later in life than ever before and in the US some of those women are only entitled to a few weeks of maternity leave once they have a little one. Meaning, daycare providers are doing exceptionally well with their businesses while mothers feel torn between appearing to have it all and actually knowing their children.

I also think it is fair to say that in many instances men feel threatened by their wives in a way. They no longer depend on them or NEED him because they make enough to make it on their own. This means that the hubby loses his place as head of the house. It also means that when he gets home from work he may or may not have someone home to greet him, and he will likely be forced to eat some quickly tossed together meal that his wife has made just to get it over with. Fighting often comes quickly as the wife who has worked all day feels that she should get help around the house while the man feels that many of the household duties are women`s work. This leaves an exhausted mom and an exhausted relationship.

What price would you pay to have peace in your home? Would you give up your career and take care of the home and the kids and even your hubby? Would you be willing to give up control and trust your husband to be head of the home? Would you be more intimate with him if you felt as though each day you were living for God and doing your duty as a wife?

A lot of women say they are bored when they don’t work. I can’t argue because I am not them. What I do know is that the homes of people who have both parents working full time jobs are methodic and all the same. Two kids (maybe 3), everything is in its place, there isn’t anything extra laying around, no books or toys or even dust. It looks like it’s not lived in, and frankly, it’s not! The other scenario is a house with unhappy people that is cluttered to the ceiling with basic things like laundry and the tension is high because no one feels they have the time to get these things done. So they don’t get done. They literally stack up and people live off of frozen meals and paper plates and smell their clothes to be sure they grabbed something clean before tossing it on.

A stay at home mom who feels respected and understood offers the best of both worlds, sure the house may be a mess but that’s because it’s lived in and the kids are home and playing instead of being passed from sitter to sitter throughout the day. Meals are USUALLY made at home and take out is a luxury, even if its McDonalds. Things get dusty because you aren’t trying to be perfect, you are trying to be happy. It only takes a few minutes to be ready for company because you normally have something frozen that you can pull out and serve and you can do a fly through and pick up the house to a lived in look within a few minutes.

Best of all? You get to rest and ENJOY your home, your possessions, YOUR FAMILY! Yes you get to ENJOY!!! Whoda thunk it? Oh wait, I think that may have been God when He said that man will be head of the house and woman will have eyes only for him.

Call me traditional, or crazy or whatever you want, I don’t mind. Why? Because I know my kids and I know my home and I am beyond content with what I have and content to not have the things sitting on the store shelves. I am not worried about money or anything really because I know that everything is taken care of.

Placing your life in someone’s hands isn’t always easy, but it is worth it!

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