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I never realized how walking away and saying “no” would affect others in this world of Ministry, but it does!

You see, I lead a Hello Mornings Group for almost a year, give or take and I created friendships, prayer teams, and a love for all the ladies in my group.

Then, this session was to begin on the 24th and on Friday, just before it began, I put a message in the leaders group saying I quit and I walked away. I closed my group and literally left.

I had no clue that I was affecting anyone but me, and the poor registration co-ordinators who were left hanging last minute to fill my spot.

Yet, today, I talked to some of the ladies who were in my group, almost all of them said they “miss” my posts. The worst thing though? Most of them didn’t bother with Hello Mornings at all this session either. My saying “no” to the study, caused them to say “no” as well and that leaves me and several women not in a study each day, not conversing about the Lord, not placing God first.

If I had said yes, these women would still be in the group, they would still be trying to get up to God each day. They would be saying YES to the Lord.

It breaks my heart that my action, or lack of action, had such consequences, I am blessed to have learned what has happened and to prayerfully have the opportunity to correct it in the future. I now understand why they say not to leave your church because of one thing or another, in this online ministry it caused a little exodus of its own, so I can definitely see how and why they say to stay, because if you push through and persevere and ask for prayer and say yes to God even when it seems easier to say no, you are encouraging others to continue to say yes too!!

I want to always say yes to Christ. I want to always minister His Holy Name. I want to lead even when it seems as though no one is following, because the proof is in the pudding. People listen. People follow.

But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.”
~Acts 5:29

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  10 Responses to “Saying “No” When I Should Have Said “Yes!””

  1. I often struggle with saying “yes” when I should say “no.” I want so badly to help people and be involved in what God’s doing that I sign up for more than I can handle. And then my wise husband sits down with me and helps me figure out how to straighten the mess I’ve gotten myself into.

    I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience saying “no.” I’ve recently been humbled by a few mistakes I’ve made that have affected others, and I’ve had to go back and ask for their forgiveness. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done recently, but it was so refreshing to receive their forgiveness and grace. Refreshing, and humbling. I hope you experience that as well, sweet friend!

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say it is a “bad experience” but it is definitely one that I have learned from in a more profound way than I had ever expected. I am excited that God has shown me so quickly how my saying NO has had an effect on friends. He is truly amazing!!
      I often over do myself as well, my health isn’t the best with allergies and back issues and I struggle to say no and then pay for it physically. I am happy your hubby helps to reel you in so you aren’t worn too thin!!

  2. I’m your neighbour at FMF this week, and I think you’ve written a lovely and compelling post, vibrant with honesty and transparency.

    I like to think of us all as fibers in some grand tapestry; if were’ absent, we affect the integrity of the fabric around us, and change the tone and appearance of the whole.

    God meant us to be present for Him, if nothing else; far too often I was not, and regretted it.

    God bless!

    • I love this imagery Andrew!! Unfortunately it often takes us stepping out of the equation to realize how important we really are. Praise the Lord that I *only* left a Bible study and didn’t fall off the face of the earth in order to learn this lesson!!

  3. It’s funny how our careless little no can have a far-reaching effect. Your story made me pause and think about all the times I say no without thinking. I need to work on that!

    • Apparently I do too Anita!! Praise the Lord for lessons learned. I had read an article not long ago about reasons why people shouldn’t walk away from their church even if they feel bored etc and now I completely understand why!! This was my church family in so many ways and by stepping back I shook things up dramatically. So grateful for forgiveness, not only from the Hello Mornings leaders but from the members as well!!! God is truly in control of everything!

  4. I’m learning this lesson as well. I’m learning to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ to the right things, the best yes for this time and this season. Sometimes it means saying ‘no’ and I’ve had to do that quite a lot to some things. I’ve been living a life with too full of a plate and doing things others can do but taking on as my own. It takes wisdom and balance along with saying ‘no’ well. sometimes saying ‘no’ responsibly takes time to get out of the commitment in a good and healthy way…. definitely something I’m learning right now! Thanks for sharing your heart with us! Happy Friday to you!

    • Thanks for your comment Rachel!! It is true, everytime we say NO to something we are sayng YES to something else and vice versa. It really is a balancing act as to what we are saying yes and no to and from all this I think the biggest lesson for me has been to pray on things first rather than acting on emotions and not discussing things first!! In every situation there is a lesson to learn, I am excited to have been shown this truth!!

  5. This gave me chills and is a beautiful reminder that we must strive to follow Christ’s example by being a “living yes”. “People listen… people follow”… and thank you for sharing this.

    • Tondra, thank you for stopping in and commenting!! It really did shock me how much people listen and people follow .Lesson learned on my part. I can only pray that they will return to Christ after enjoying this break with me!!

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