Dec 032014

You are already FoundTonight as I hang the day 3 ornament on the Jesse Tree I am amazed how Christ came to be. All the way back to Genesis we see the family tree, the genealogy, being built through mistakes, infidelity, polygamy, murder, love, lust and oh-so-much-more, we see the imperfections of humanity rising up so that Joseph and Mary could exist!

So they could hold the Christ-child as He took His first breaths, so that He would grow and teach and live and be the sacrifice, so that we can be saved! Yes! Saved from all that stuff that happened centuries before His birth and saved from all evil since!

And God? He asks us lowly beings “where are you?” because when our backs are turned He seeks us out, never abandoning us. Never making us go alone. And Jesus? Laying there in a manger was sought after too, when the wise asked “where is He?” and suddenly it all becomes clear.

He seeks us because WE NEED to seek Him!

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