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Simple Steps to a Simple Move

If you are looking around your house or apartment right now wondering where to start when it comes to packing for an upcoming move you are NOT alone! I think we have all been shocked and utterly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we actually have when it comes to moving, especially after being in a place for several years. So here are a few tips to take the burden out of moving and keep it simple!

Simple Move
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Don’t Pack Clutter

As someone who has moved a dozen times in the last 11 years I can honestly say that emptying drawers and what not into boxes is the worse thing you can do for a simple move. These boxes are the ones that will sit there in storage never getting unpacked and they will clutter up your new home as a result. If you have been in your current home for a long time or if your life circumstances have changed several times during your stay you may consider renting a dumpster. This sounds crazy but its really efficient and simple as trash has an immediate home. How many papers, magazines, containers, boxes, and damaged items have you put away over the years? What about things that are too small or too big or are just plain worn out and ugly!? Toss them, don’t think twice about it. If you haven’t used it in the past six months chances are you don’t need it and you never will. If you have a local drop off for things that are still “good” and you would prefer to donate or have the items picked up by one of those places then schedule it and get your pile ready. Be honest with yourself. If you say your going to donate it knowing you wont have time to rush around then just get rid of it!

Toss, toss, toss!

Think Ahead

Utilities normally cannot be discontinued with only a week or so notice nor can they be scheduled to be turned on at your new place with such short notice. Call the proper companies a month in advance and get everything set up to be shut off and turned on in your new place. This simple step will safe you a lot of frustration and money! Like the graphic says give yourself at least one day early and one day late on your scheduled times so that you don’t end up in the dark or without a phone while you wait on the utility company on moving day.

Keep a Checklist -Moving without Worry

This likely sounds silly now but when your in the middle of your move and feeling overwhelmed your checklist will be a lifesaver! Keep notes on what needs done, when you called to schedule things and be sure to call and confirm your utilities before the move. Your checklist will help you to keep things as simple and organized as possible.

If you are moving a long distance you will likely need a hotel room for at least one night. For this you will need your credit card as well as some cash for any meals you need to eat at restaurants. Create a simple inventory of the food you are able to move and prepare a grocery list so your first morning in your new place has the essentials instead of an empty fridge and hungry bellies.

If someone in your home is on medications be sure to keep at least an extra days worth unpacked and in a container in your purse or with your checklist packed medications and digging to find them is far from simple and in some cases can be life threatening. Be sure to note if something needs refrigerated, like insulin so you can be sure this is done. Also keep track of times and meal schedules so you know when to take your medications or when to hand them out. Time fly’s when your moving and a timer definitely doesn’t hurt when it comes to medications! If you are staying in a hotel be sure they have a fridge in the room or a way to accommodate any medications that need to be kept cold when you are booking the room.

Be sure to enroll your children in school before the move (as soon as you have the new address) so that their transition is as seamless as possible. Let each child pack a bag with a favorite toy or two, some extra clothing in case of accidents or spills and their own blanket or pillow so they still have the comforts of home throughout the entire process. Don’t forget healthy snacks or you will end up spending a fortune on fast food that only fuels negative attitudes!

Remember to only pack things you love AND use, keep a checklist, keep track of medications and snacks and to prepare for at least an extra day just in case things don’t run as smoothly as you would hope.

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