Oct 122016

This week I have been reminded that while we are scientifically made out of carbon and a bunch of other things that sit happily on the periodic table of elements the reality is that we are simply energy that can and does defy all space and time, life and death. We just need to be in tune with our own energy, our own soul -which by the way, can’t be found in the human body, despite science looking for it for generations!

No, I am energy, bouncing molecules in the flesh and floating ones that create my soul that God can see and others who are sensitive to this knowledge can feel. I have reached around the world from Canada to the lemon treed yard in Australia of a friend who I was able to show energy to, to allow him to experience mine. To tell him colors I could see, things I could feel, things that were true to the physical world despite his lack of belief. He believes now.

When he woke the other day with pain and I focused my energy on it and asked him to focus his energy on the healing energy I was emanating he sweetly asked me “will it hurt you?” and the answer is no… it doesn’t hurt, it makes me tired, drained my physical and spiritual energy and causes exhaustion but it doesn’t hurt. Within a few minutes of us concentrating and connecting his pain had eased and a numbness took over, is he better? No, but it doesn’t hurt.

My exhausted mind felt when my best friends dad passed and was able to see the aches in a photo that he hadn’t spoken, because that unspoken-broken says it all if we look into the soul of the person we are staring at instead of at their physical self.

They say you can cut the tension with a knife in a space where an argument has occurred, that’s the energy that we emit and carry with us no matter where we are or when.

I could see the pacing man who passed, and was able to find out that he wasn’t angry or upset about being in the spiritual world, he is simply concerned for his wife and kids, about the insurance, he is proud of his kids, he wanted them to know. And, I passed along the messages he gave me and they were received with much thanks because my friend understands that we are all energy too.

So when I look up at the sky, whether its grey or white or blue or black or colored like a big ole bruise rolling in hard and fast I know that the sun that shines is the same one that you can see -wherever you may be, and those stars and that moon they are the same ones too and the sky seemingly so expansive, so vast, connects us from each corner of this circular world in a way that only the One who created it all could have hoped when He made this amazing design. While spring is popping up in Australia and snow is popping up here the sky is something we can always share and the miles don’t exist and love transports the energy that needs to be shared.

I believe it was Susan Shipe who said that I have a prophetic gift of being a “seer.” I would love to be able to say that I can call myself something as cool as that, but no… I am simply a humble servant of God, who listens to the energy of her world and shares what she can with whoever is open to listening.

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