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Small: When Size Doesn't Matter - Trending Mama
Feb 202014

Small a Five Minute Friday Post

My heart is pulled towards sponsoring a child and I have been praying about this and thinking about this for quite awhile now. Around Christmas the desire really became high but after discussing it, it was decided that that money could go to our own children, savings accounts, getting out of debt, saving for college and it makes sense.

{Get this book, its free, pass it on. Let it change your heart}

Here we are with just over a week left until March and I still feel my heartstrings being pulled in the direction of sponsoring a child. I have looked on I don’t know how many websites and it seems so wrong. Pictures of children all lined up like I am looking at a home decor catalog and I am somehow supposed to chose which child will benefit from me. A small blurb written about each child giving little to no insight into who actually needs the help the most.
How can the pages of children needing help make me feel so small? My amount of money seems so insignificant because I want to help them all and I just can’t.

I wonder if the older teens are going to benefit much from the program and I wonder if they will get cut off when they turn 18? I wonder if they even want help or if all hope is lost because they have lived in this suffering, this pain, this rough life that I will never understand. Will they have time to go to school? Will they have time to learn? Do they already have jobs and work? When does their country put the responsibility of running the house on their shoulders? Has the government already trained them to be soldiers?

So many unanswered questions and then I see the little children, the ones who are a year or two old and I think that perhaps my donation could help that child the most because I would have enough time to make a difference in their lives, but how would I know if they are really receiving anything at all when they are too young to write me a letter and explain that they are attending school?

I feel small. My money seems small. Making a decision like this seems bigger than any mountain and it is no small feat to make such a choice especially when your other half feels that money could be put to better use for our family. I know we can always use the money to do “logical” things but the mother in me sees these pages of gifts from God and I want to squeeze them all, fill their needs, serve as God would have me serve.

The world is so large and when I look at those pictures I become very, very small.


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  6 Responses to “Small: When Size Doesn’t Matter”

  1. So what if it’s ‘just a small amount’ of money? Every bit makes a difference! You are already making a difference by getting the word out that more children need sponsorships! Remember the mustard seed, my friend. Happy FMF!

    • Thank you! I have not found a website where I can set what my monthly donation is. Perhaps I should look into that instead of the actual sponsoring of a child because you are right, every bit makes a difference!

  2. I read this book and was moved also. We sponsor a child in Guatemala but I believe even ten dollars a month to the ministry, if faithful, helps them make a difference. Start out small my friend and the Lord will lead you to increase in time.

    • That’s awesome Susan! How did you decide which child to help and which country and program you felt would provide the most for your sponsored child?

  3. Go with your heart! God bless!

    • My heart says “sponsor them all!” unfortunately that’s not possible. The best thing I can do is pray and listen for God to lead me to the right program and the child that I am meant to impact. God’s perfect timing is often not the same as mine. He is definitely a wonderful teacher in patience!

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