Sep 142013

Stacking a Team –Cutting Better Athletes so You Can Draft Your Friends

As a mother who has a child trying out for a double AA team I can already guess at least 5 kids who are guaranteed a spot regardless of their abilities, or lack of.

So why is it okay that certain children get to be on the team automatically because they are related to or friends with the coach? I am sure it’s not ethical and likely not even legal yet they do it anyway. Volunteering to coach the team so their kids, and their best friends, will be automatically on the team even if they don’t show up for practice.

So did my forty dollars for try outs go towards paying for ice time or do the kids with a free pass also not have to pay, thus jacking up the prices? I am going to guess they don’t pay anything if mom or dad is part of the team.

Setting Examples

If my son is one of the 10 (supposed to be 15 but I know five are already on the team) is selected what does that mean, he is a great little player and does his job very well. Though I already know he likely won’t make t because he is not friends with the other kids trying out, he isn’t a part of the immediate politics or the team stacking.

If my child is expected to be on the ice that often I am left wondering WHY the kids have to be there so far in advance when day one had a coach an hour late and a manager about 40 minutes late.

Jumping Forward a Few Hours

My prediction was right! The kids who are friends with the coach’s kids all made the team. The kids who weren’t friends with those kids didn’t make it. I hope the other parents see the team was chosen long before the draft began. Stacking the team full of families the coaches already want to hang out with.

Proudly Mature

Fortunately, my son is highly intelligent and upon reading his rejection letter happily said at least he wouldn’t have to see those kids every day. He also said he can now play just for fun which is really what it’s supposed to be about when you’re that age, isn’t it?

Who knows, maybe now he will go back in dance where he ALWAYS had a lot of fun!

A place where politics don’t exist, because they shouldn’t for little kids, it should be for fun and the love of the sports!

Ontario Minor Hockey

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