Oct 052014

There are these moments in life where you feel stuck, like they will never end. A lot of people feel this way when they have a baby and they are exhausted and haven’t slept for what seems like ever. Or, when you’re in a bad place in marriage or work or have an illness, everything seems to go so slow and every day feels like an eternity in which you are trapped.

Many people don’t make it through, they jump ship and take what they think is the easy way out.

Yet, we see over and over through God’s covenants in the Bible that those who stand firm in their faith and don’t adjust their morals for evil always, ALWAYS, come out the other side with all of the riches and blessings that He has promised us.

It is His grace that we have to look forward to, that give us these glimmers of hope, of light. The light that is Christ our Saviour. We hunger for Him the way the Israelites’ did and we have a choice: be obedient to God and experience all that He has promised us for our lives here and now or live off of Manna and travel, parched and alone – looking for Him in all the wrong places because we don’t follow the path He has laid before us.

We can be stuck with God, walking hand in hand, or we can be stuck on the human aspects of life that get us nowhere fast.

I choose God. I choose His grace. His love. His love that endures forever. I pray that I can love the way He loves and that the people who I love will feel His presence in their lives every single day.

The snow is beginning to fall already and I think a lot of us feel robbed or stuck because of the long drawn out winter we had and the really poor summer yet part of me is excited for the virgin blanket of snow to cover over the dead and bring in new life come spring.

It’s like they say “nothing like clean sheets” and it’s true, even if the sheet is a layer of white as far as the eyes can see.

We get stuck on the dirty parts, the cleaning of the cars, the poor driving, the cold, but when you stop and you breathe in the cold clean air and you look at the trees heavily weighed and pregnant awaiting the suns warmth to allow them to breathe new life you can see the baptism of the earth laying before you and suddenly you’re not stuck. You are right where you are supposed to be. Seeing the beauty that God painted for you and me.

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