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This month I have decided to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The goal is to write one blog post each day. Now, because I keep TWO active blogs I will actually be writing two blog posts each day, one for Hide The Matches and one for Trending Mama, I encourage everyone to take a peek at both blogs and I ask that you jump in with me and post a comment so I can cater my blog to your needs.

Day 1

Summer has finally arrived and today is Canada Day! Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians! How do you intend to celebrate? If the weather permits we will likely stay home, listen to some music and have a small fire in the fire pit the kids got me for Mothers day. Money VERY well spent as we don’t seem to go more than a week without at least a small fire, that is, if it’s not raining or windy.our fire pit

{This is the fire bowl my children bought me for Mothers Day, though this picture was taken from the company website}

My sweet children have asked me to sing around that fire a few times. I never know what to sing when put on the spot with a crackling fire and no music which is odd for me as I walk around singing most of the time and don’t even know I am doing it! My current favorite songs to sing are Amazing Grace and Leonard Cohen’s Hallelluja. After all, you can never give too much praise!

So, what is new?

I was recently gifted a four piece living room set including a couch, coffee table/footstool with a matching rocking chair and a matching chair. I have been working slowly but steady at placing shelves and beginning to unpack my boxes. My new to me furniture is hand made from wood. I am debating giving a light sanding to the arms and obvious spots and refinishing the wood. I think I will try a wood oil first however as the wood is in good shape, it just needs some love!

I have no TV in my living room. It is full of book shelves (and of course books!) and my collection of knickknacks that I began on the day I was born. It is nice to finally be unpacking and feeling at home. I do have a TV  in my bedroom, which I turn on in the late evening. There is something special about not having any electronics in your living room, as we sit in there we talk and we get to know one another without the distraction of TV. We do have TV’s in other rooms throughout the house, including the upstairs living room and the playroom, however, the kids seem to hang out upstairs or in my living room. I have already decided that once I am married I will do my best to convince my husband that no TV in the living room is the best way to encourage productivity and strong bonds to be formed within our home. How many TV’s do you have in your home? Pro’s and Cons?

Sweet Refreshments

I found a lovely recipe online here. The site is called Healthy Food House.

It is delicious and beautiful as well as refreshing!

Summary: Homemade strawberry lemonade recipe, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. Replace lemons with limes for strawberry limeade.

 raspberry lemonade pic


(Always use organic ingredients when available.)

1 ¼ lb strawberries, washed thoroughly & cut in halves, about 4 cups
2 lemons, washed and quartered (use limes to make strawberry limeade)
½ – ¾ cup honey or organic sugar to taste, adjust based on your preference & sweetness of strawberries
6 cups of purified water
Ice (made from purified water)
Garnishes: Strawberry slices, lemon slices and/or fresh herbs


Blend the strawberries, lemons and honey with 2 cups of purified water.
Strain the strawberry lemon mix, add the additional 4 cups of purified water through the strainer.
Taste and add additional honey/sugar if needed
Serve cold over ice and garnished with strawberry slices, lemon slices and herbs.

Lastly, I ask that you leave a comment, whether its your favorite summer recipe, how you beat the heat, what you are doing for Canada Day or Independence Day or just some constructive criticism. Your thoughts are always welcome. Leave your links and I will do my best to read and comment on every blog. If you enjoyed this post or know someone who may please consider using the share buttons!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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  4 Responses to “Sweet Tastes of Summer and a Long Weekend”

  1. Hey Marisa!

    Wow, two blog posts a day…and I was feeling overwhelmed by just one a day! I am very impressed! I’m looking forward to some more yummy recipes like the Strawberry Lemonade! It looks delicious!

  2. Lemonade is one of my “cheat” foods when I want to indulge myself… definitely going to try this; never thought to use honey!


  3. Thanks for coming by Cynthia’s Blog for a visit. Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Think we can make it 29 more days in a row? Happy Canada’s Day. Hope you had a fabulous long weekend. Thanks also for the strawberry lemonade recipe. Looks like a perfect 4th of July drink.

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