Nov 112014

All Cricut Explore Bundles on Sale for the Holidays
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For any of you who has received a card from me it was likely hand made by me and one of my Cricut machines. I absolutely LOVE how fast and versatile it is. I got Cricut when it first came out about 10 years ago and spent at least double what they are offering this new bundle for. I definitely don’t regret the purchase because it has come to good use.

Creating everything from cards and tags to little houses when my son was a toddler wanting to help decorate for the holidays, I actually use mine so often that it actually has a permanent home on the same shelf that my printer does!

Great news! You can now get a Cricut at half of what I originally paid and get free shipping through the month of November! Win-Win? YES!!

Cricut Explore Bundles are on sale starting at just $269.99. You can also get free shipping in the U.S. for the entire month of November, just follow the links below and be sure to enter code FREESHIPNOV during checkout for Free Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Cricut Explore Bundles starting at just $269.99
Get free shipping to the U.S. all month with code FREESHIPNOV

Nov 092014

Christmas Card It is hard to believe we are already a week into November. God is always on my mind but as the season in which we celebrate the Christ-Child’s birth I feel ever more close to Him. I feel the Gift that is the gift.

This year I have had a lot of fun counting my One Thousand Gifts in my plain old notebook. I am at over 1700 gifts and I am still counting and I wonder what the prompts will be for next year!

As I look back on the past year I have not only begun counting my gifts but I have had the privilege and honour of helping others to see the Gift through co-leading a group through (in)courage and now Hello Mornings with the always beautiful Jen.

I have the advent to lent wreath handmade by the Voskamp children that I am excited to set up this year. It is beautiful and smells wooThe Greatest Giftdy and natural. The heart of God really works through their family and it is amazing that these young people are so giving of their time and energy and they donate all the money to the children they sponsor through Compassion International.

This year is the first year I have thought about setting up a Jesse Tree. From what I understand you place a handmade ornament on the tree each day of Advent as you count down to the birth of the Christ-Child and give thanks in all things. Each member of the family can do their own ornament or you can create one as a family.

I am not yet sure what type of tree I want to use this year. My allergies are bad so I know the Christmas tree will likely be artificial, but I am considering a potted rosemary “tree” to use as my Jesse Tree. They smell amazing and don’t bother my allergresinies and best of all I can keep adding to it throughout the year as it continues to demonstrate new life.

Have you done a Jesse Tree before? How did you do it and what type of tree did you use?

I am going to be reading Ann Voskamp’s book The Greatest Gift again this year. If you purchase a copy you get free paper ornaments which she uses in the book.

You can also purchase the ornaments in resin or a fancy paper from DaySpring. While you are over there you can also save if you are a new customer and right now there is a great deal on boxed cards. This year Ann Voskamp also has a Christmas card available which is an absolute blessing! Finally, Ann Voskamp has also released a family version of The Greatest Gift called Unwrapping Unwrapping the Greatest Giftthe GreatestGift. It has beautiful illustrations for people of every age to enjoy.








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