Jan 052016

Calling all of my natural, clean eating, no dyes or preservatives, make your own detergent, and use #essentialoils {CRUNCHY} blogging reader friends who won’t touch Plexus with a 10 foot pole because you think it’s not safe!

Read this! I think you’ll be able to appreciate it!

Kim Wallar shares~~

“If you came to my house right now, you would see that we use coconut oil for everything, we eat paleo, I love my essential oils, we don’t do food dyes or artifical sweeteners and we haven’t been to the doctor in years (except our naturopath.) I am painting a picture for you of the way we view our bodies and what we put into them. Why does this matter?? We are a Plexus family and their products line up with our family’s decisions about health. Plexus Slim is a natural product for the masses that doesn’t artificially make you feel good from caffeine and stimulants. It is sweetened with stevia and is gluten and GMO free. Do I wish we could get all of our nutrients from food? Yes!! But the reality is that we need supplements to fill in the missing spaces of our diet. Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough. I tried it for years, and still struggled with gut issues and exhaustion.
I do not advocate quick fixes or diets…I advocate taking control of your health, resetting the body and balancing blood sugar. This is my 24th month using Plexus products and my body has never been healthier.”

Check Out Plexus!

Sep 172015

The fall is in the air now more than the warmth of summer. The wind has switched directions and blasts into the house like winter is on its heels. Thunder storms have been loud and fierce the last few weeks, the forks of lightening hitting with such force and changing the air pressure just enough that it actually caused a cap on the furnace to fly off inside the house not too many days ago. Last night the sky began to grumble like a hungry wolf off in the distance, slowly coming closer, and lightening being seen through curtains. Then, this morning the sky was clear, only for a swift take-over of thunder, lightning, rain and hail. Then, as quickly as it began, it went away and the day has remained grey, but at peace.

Today when I opened the door to put the dogs out I was greeted by a weed that my son missed during his last weed-eating session. Only, today, instead of it being ugly it was beautiful-red. Standing tall and proud in the dying neutrals that come in our Canadian fall.

I have been enjoying several things lately, despite being in flare ups with my health. I am thankful for that red weed, for the beautiful display of lightening, the aurora borealis –Northern Lights, dancing in the sky and greeting us as the colors dance.

Having a friend call and pray for me, for rest, for guidance, for God to intervene.

Cinnamon sticks dropped in my hot chocolate making the tastes of fall come alive in the simple things.

Pumpkin butter candles flicking in the bedroom as I chat, write, read, relax, watch TV and of course pray.

Finding out that I am not alone in this struggle of pain and flare ups and doctors who pretend they know when they simply don’t. It is beautiful and nice to know that I am not the only one, of course I pray that these other people will find relief, but at the same time it is nice to know that I am not trailblazing alone. There are many of us who want real help, not a bandage, and this is encouraging to me because I don’t feel like I am whining. I feel like I am fighting not only for myself, but for others too.

Despite the pain I think that I am being pulled closer to the Lord during this difficult season of my life. I can only pray that others will pull near to Him as well! Maybe BECAUSE of the seasons I have suffered I have the Lord in my life. I can only pray that my journey will bring Him glory!

How is God working in your life? What are you thankful for today?

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a]neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
~Romans 8:38-39~

May 182014

A Long Day of Sleep

I woke up to the sound of kids feet running overhead and a dog who is supposed to be resting from his surgery running just as fast with what we call his centipede legs. I roll onto the side and see it is only 9am and then I hear my own dogs barking and my body asking me to use the washroom. I manage to crawl out of the cradle of pillows and blankets and get my feet to the floor and I walk into my living room and open the dog crate and release the hounds into the outside world.

[Tweet “The sun!! It has been missing so long!”]

My throat still hurts, not as bad as it had yesterday but it is still raw and my voice is cracking as I say good morning on my way to the washroom.

I notice the sun.

The sun!! It has been missing so long and I sit in the window for a few minutes and look outside and feel the sun’s rays entering into me. Filling me up, bringing back the warmth of my bed. The dogs run around and play. They swim. They watch the kids on the trampoline and they say “goodmorning” to my mom and dad and I feel so blessed despite this nasty springtime pneumonia that has yanked me down.

I am hungry but nothing seems appetizing. I have some juice and feel that familiar sting in my throat reminding me how sick I still am. After about an hour I call the dogs back in and give them breakfast and retreat back to my bed. No energy at all. I turn on a movie I have seen at least 300 times – I know this because I play it to drown out the noise of the house when I am in need of rest.

I take the dreaded medication and I fall asleep.

I wake up to a brightened window in my room indicating it’s about dinner time. I throw on some different pj’s and drag my body upstairs where burgers and about to pop on the grill and my dad and brother talk to loudly and my kids discuss what is important to them today, which happens to be the same thing as yesterday. The NEED for an Iphone and the “it’s not fair” argument that always follows.

We eat and I am still in a haze.

I make a cup of coffee with my Kitchenaid one cup maker and I enjoy the sweet taste of coffee and sugar blended perfectly like that’s how they were meant to be. It’s quarter to 10 pm now and I am still sipping on that almost completely cold coffee and I am back in my bed. Looking at the pile of books I want to read, the emails that I need to respond to and my body continues to ache.


I tucked in each child, a couple of times because no one seems to know how to stay in their bed but the puppy and I tell them I love them and I pray they have a good sleep. I secretly wonder how many more times I will be allowed to tuck them in? How many more times they will want to share with me the things that way on them and that they want to share? I know that these days are going by too fast and that I am blessed that I have people who can do the dirty work because I am too sick so at night I am the one who talks, who cuddles, who plays, who listens to what each of them have to say. I don’t want to miss their thoughts on the day. I don’t want to miss more than I already have.

I pray that these little people know how much I love them and I pray that they know I am doing my best under the circumstances. I pray that they too will know the Lord and love Him in a very profound way. Yes, I pray. It is the only way to get through the day.

How did your Sunday look? Is your normal day anything like mine?

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May 072014

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

  • dried lemon peel
  • whole cloves
  • dried cranberries
  • nutmeg
  • allspice
  • cinnamon sticks
  • dried orange peel

Place in a pot filled with water and bring to a boil, turn the stove down and allow it to simmer as the fragrance fills your home with FRESH ingredients for the season!


For a summer recipe you can use

Citrus rinds including:

  • lemon
  • orange
  • grapefruit

and other ingredients like fragrant flower petals.

I use peony and Lilacs. I hang them upside down to dry before the wind blows them apart in my yard. I can keep them in a container and lightly mist them with water to make the fragrance come up but normally I stick them in jars and put them on the stove on a dreary day, making the house smell like spring!

***Be sure to set a timer to check the water so you don’t burn your pot. You can leave this on all day but you will have to add water as it simmers down***

May 062014

Streak Free Window Cleaning – Anytime of Year

The price of Windex where I live is about 4 dollars per spray bottle, which I find ridiculous. In my search to find something just as effective that would also allow me to wipe the outside of my windows while we are still getting below freezing I literally stumbled onto the best solution!

Go to your local big box store and buy the cheapest windshield washer that you can find, if it’s not on sale wait a week because it will be soon, it always is at one store or another.

Once you have your windshield washer you KNOW it is streak free because it is a safety hazard to have a streaked up windshield on your car.

Fill a spray bottle (old Windex bottle or a dollar store find) half way with the windshield washer, fill the other half with water, give it a gentle shake and grab your favorite rag and have fun! If you watched your prices you likely just bought about 6 spray bottles of glass cleaner for the same price as one bottle of Windex!

Room Spray

Room spray happens to be one of my biggest triggers when it comes to allergies, especially thick scents and my dog wasn’t able to be around when one was used and having dogs I often need to freshen up their area with a quick mist as well between washes.

My recipe for room spray & doggie breath spray


Using a food grade spray bottle (dollar store, bulk store) put a quarter inch of your favorite mouth wash in the bottom and then fill with water, spray and enjoy the fresh scent. Always spray your own mouth first to be sure it isn’t “hot” feeling before using on your pooch. My dogs all use Listerine with about an 1/8 of an inch in the bottom of a 4oz spray bottle. It leaves a light fragrance when sprayed into the room and doggie kisses don’t seem so bad! I keep this in the bathroom but use it around the house and when I am done brushing and rinsing the dogs all wait for their spray, because dogs are weird like that!

Tomorrow stovetop potpourri for the holidays or those chilly nights!

May 052014

Spring Cleaning

I have multiple season allergies that usually land me in bed on a daily basis because of the medications, Benadryl and Claritin help with the allergies but they help with making me sleepy too.

It doesn’t help that I also am allergic to strong fragrances and many cleaners. I can’t even walk down the cleaning supply isle in the store without my lips beginning to tingle so I have had to find alternative methods to clean and sanitize without needing a hazmat suit!

To get information on my current cleaning supplies you can email me directly, I love them and they are definitely a life-saver for me and my pets. However, before I found these cleaners I made my own and since I am on a very limited budget that also means I made them frugally.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

  • 1 box of Borax (4lbs)
  • 1 box of Baking Soda (4lbs)
  • 3 bars of Ivory soap (many people use Fels- Naptha) grated into a fine powder
    **hint the pokey side that you probably don’t ever use on your cheese grater works great for this!**
  • White vinegar

Mix the Borax, baking soda and grated soap and keep it in an airtight container, Rubbermaid containers work great for this or you can use canisters to store smaller portions in your laundry room.

Use 1-2 tablespoons of the dry ingredients per load and about a half ounce of the vinegar in the fabric softener reservoir.

It is important to use vinegar even if you don’t have the reservoir, you can add it straight to the wash when you add the detergent, because the baking soda will swing the pH balance in your clothing when used alone you need the vinegar to bring the pH back into a healthy neutral balance and it happens to be a fabric softener as well so win-win!

laundry soap

Tomorrow learn my frugal trick to glass cleaner and air freshening spray!

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