Jan 082014

Green Coffee Beans

We have all heard about this, or most of us have, and how this is the newest way to lose weight in a healthy way. So, naturally I was upset the other night and did some therapeutic online shopping {sometimes PayPal is bad for me}
I ordered from a six month supply of the Green Coffee Beans at a buy 3 months get 3 months free price. I also found that if I clicked to close the page a couple of times the price went down slightly each time. It also did this on the shipping page.

Yesterday I received my Green Coffee Bean capsules which are a two pill a day dose, 800mg in the morning and 800mg in the evening. I promptly read the instructions, the ingredients, which surprised me because this particular brand ONLY had Green Coffee Bean listed along with the ingredients to create the capsule. BONUS since that means I am receiving the right dose which is a recommended 1600mg per day to see weight loss benefits.

How Does it Work?

The naturally occurring acids in the Green Coffee help to prevent fat from accumulating in your body and help your liver to release what it is holding onto and this will help you lose weight, or so they say. Apparently, once you have taken this product for a short amount of time your metabolism realizes it doesn’t need to store fat and it begins to burn fat with your everyday activities. Though it is recommended that you do have a healthy diet and exercise regime it doesn’t say you have to start one and it does not come with an eating or exercise plan like so many other weight loss supplements I have tried in the past do.

Obviously you should make sure this is okay for you by speaking with your doctor especially if you are diabetic. The only real warning was about pregnancy and lactation and it may cause hypoglycemia if you are diabetic so your doctor will likely want you to start this slowly and you will definitely need to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to avoid a dangerous drop in your levels. Again, TALK TO YOU DOCTOR!

I took my measurements, which at this point are scary and I am not willing to share. I also took my weight, again scary. I will do a weekly weigh in and measurement and I will keep track of it on my handy calendar. If I start to see or feel anything different I will definitely update my progress. If after the first 30 days I haven’t seen any results I will update with a “do not buy” warning for all you lovely people out their who are looking to find a healthy way to burn fat and feel better.

3 Capsules In

So far I have taken 3 capsules. Two yesterday and one this morning. Last night I actually felt happy and while I Skyped it was commented that it was nice to see me smile. I also felt like I had more energy. I feel that same way so far today. Normally at this time I am struggling to stay awake and just want to go and nap. Is this a result of the Green Coffee Bean? Who knows but if it continues I will have no choice but to allude to the fact that it does in fact benefit my mood and my energy level. Though after only 3 doses I definitely can’t say this isn’t a fluke or a mental expectation.

Green Coffee Bean Research

I checked the local stores, including Walmart to see if I could find a product that had the right amount of Green Coffee Bean without needing to order it online.

I found 5 different products/brands at Walmart in the weight loss section of the pharmacy.

I read the dosing on each one and not a single one met the recommended criteria for weight loss and the price was the same as what I paid online. Also, in order to get the recommended amount a bottle would have only lasted a week or two instead of a full month, so it would have actually cost me more to get the same dosage.
While this may be fine for some people to try I am not willing to overdose by that many pills
{in some cases 3x what the bottle recommend}
because I do not know what their fillers etc are and what the safe amounts for those other ingredients would be. While the Green Coffee Bean extract may have been well within the healthy and beneficial range I was not willing to risk chancing that the other ingredients would be safe at higher than recommended quantities.

Next I turned to The Shopping Channel in Canada.
Again, I had the same problem. The daily dose is about 4 capsules instead of one in the morning and one at night. The price was the same or higher considering I received 3 bottles for free and very low shipping costs and again The Kalaya Brand from The Shopping Channel is not pure, and even at 4 capsules a day it is no where near the recommended dose for losing weight and reaping the maximum benefits.

Where Did I Order?

green coffee bean

Finally I found online an FDA approved, pure Green Coffee Bean extract that had the simplicity of one pill in the morning, one in the evening, a 30 day supply per bottle and of course the recommended beneficial dose.

I placed my order from Green Coffee Ultra and received the order within a week, which was amazing since it came from the states and had to go through customs.

Green Coffee Ultra was recommended by several different bloggers and even some health magazine’s. The option to pay with PayPal really helped me make the choice to buy through them because PayPal has amazing customer service and will make sure you get your money back if you don’t receive your product.

Green Coffee Ultra also has a 60 day money back guarantee. So in two month from now if I am not satisfied I can send back all of my bottles and get a full refund! Who else offers that?

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