May 202014

Deciding to be a Stay Home Mom

As a Mom, your reasons to stay at home are likely a lot like mine which include:

Childhood only comes once

• You want to be involved in your child’s early development and experience the firsts. You don’t want to miss out on this special time
• Being home for your child is something you feel is very special and it weighs on your heart
• You miss your child while at work and don’t feel you are functioning at your best at work because you are focused on your children
• You have specific morals and values that you do not feel your child will be taught in daycare or from a nanny

You worry about childcare

• You feel guilty or uneasy about leaving your child in someone else’s hands
• The financial benefits of working give you so little “extra” after paying for childcare that it just isn’t worth the expense of commuting, parking, daycare, etc
• Daycares often have outbreaks of the flu, chicken pox and other illnesses and you find your child is sick too much or you find your family is sick a lot because of experiencing those other children

You are tired

• You feel like you are doing more than your fair share by working full time, only to come home and be a full time homemaker and parent – leaving you exhausted and feeling like you are only doing both of your jobs half way
• You are stressed and it is affecting you physically, mentally, spiritually
• You want more time for your family, for yourself (hobbies, girls night, time with hubby), friends, and being able to get everything done in a day that comes with running a home – you need more time

being a mom

May 182014

Workplace to Home Office

Combatting Loneliness and the Need for Adults

Here are a few quick tips for keeping your sanity while making the transition to working at home

  • Organize a regular lunch group with fellow work-from-home parents, either from your neighbourhood or in the same line of work, don’t forget about stay at home moms and dads who aren’t working!
  • Have lunch with your spouse, your child(ren) or your friends – this can be important and much anticipated bonding time for you to take with your children
  • Join adult groups that get you out of the house like toastmasters, professional development, even a class at the local college or an art class for adults – think outside the box. If you are Christian join some church groups and make these as important to your week as any other aspect. You can also volunteer at many places to get out and have interaction. Find what appeals to you
  • Use social media to “hang-out” with people who have a similar life path, you can encourage one another and enjoy the company without having to leave work or take a lot of extra time to form a relationship
  • Use your phone and call a friend and have a quick chat, I always call my mom and discuss the kids and beautiful daily mundane
  • Use your email to keep the important people in your life feeling important, don’t brush off their emails and if you haven’t written in awhile then jump right on in. Even if you only have time to say you are thinking of them – these things mean a lot and take almost no time
  • Recently I have started with a snail mail group, we mail an encouraging letter or card each week to the next person on the list – it’s been a fun way to express our creativity and get to know one another better, plus, snail mail looks nice on display
  • Have a couple of days set aside for errands so you are getting out once or twice a week to run work related errands (sending packages, buying supplies) and take your time to stop, talk and get to know the people who you deal with regularly

The Mom-trepreneur -Part 1

Mom-trepreneur – Part 2- The Home Office

May 162014

The Mom-trepreneur – Part 2

Setting Up Your Home Office

Set up your office in an area where you can be aware of whats going on in your house especially if you have little ones at home but in a place that you can take calls and not be able to communicate because of a screaming or hyper child. Your clients expect you to be professional regardless of where you are working from.

A lot of people suggest setting up a home office that is strictly office and while I can say that this is a great idea as far as organization goes as well as making calls and the like, I personally am more productive where I am comfortable. Sometimes I work from bed, other times from the couch in the living room with a nice cup of coffee or tea. I keep my printer, my supplies, my files and everything together in my bedroom and I actually don’t have a “desk” since I have a laptop. If I need space to spread out the bed works fine or the dining room table. A wireless printer for me is a MUST. I also have a white board to put inspirational quotes and my goals on so I can see them regularly which, for me, is the best way for me to be motivated. I have had designated offices before and I never ended up using them, meaning I didn’t get work done.

If you home school you may find your school room and your school time a great time to do work yourself. Simply set your child up with their material and then set yourself up alongside them to work. That way you are not sitting there bored waiting for them to go through math questions on their own but you are available if they need further instruction.

Always use a calendar, and check it. I keep a calendar in hard-copy and on my computer. I will place clients names and information on the dates for things and fill in as much information as I can. The calendar on my computer is usually set to alarm me of important dates/times so I don’t miss something if I forgot to check my calendar that day.

Check out the pros and cons to working from home

May 152014

Working from Home – The Mom-trepreneur

Running a Home- Based Business

There are pros and cons to deciding to stay at home and be a work at home mom.

The Advantages

Some of the advantages are being able to stay home with your baby or child instead of having a nanny or daycare provider. In the later years you can even home school your child if you feel that’s best for your family. As a WAHM you are your own boss and depending on what you are doing that likely means you can set your own hours, making you flexible to bring your children to their activities AND being available to attend plays and tea parties and all those events at school! Probably the biggest perk aside from having an extra income is that you can still have a life outside of being “mom” without having to spend hours each day commuting. You are an entrepreneur and that gives you a reason to interact with adults!

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks include the time commitment, yes you would have the time commitment at a conventional job but you wouldn’t have a child or multiple children pulling you in other directions while you are working. Starting your own business takes a lot of work initially but for me it has been a wonderful pay off to spend long nights writing and engaging with people so that I can be home and be a mom, even now that my little ones are in school it is still nice to know if they are sick or we have a snow day that I don’t have to worry about finding a sitter or using up my sick days or holidays. Another drawback is you are responsible for your business, your effort will be the deciding factor on how much you make, and how well your business does. There is a lot to navigate through but with the internet and more and more people utilizing it as a way to supplement their income it isn’t that hard once you have a concrete plan on what you want to actually DO. Looking for work online often drags you to sites that are pyramid schemes, fly-by-night companies, or things that are NOT worth your time. I have made a little bit doing surveys but it took me hundreds of surveys before I found a survey company that actually allows me to accumulate money fast enough for it to be worth my time – the drawback, I don’t qualify for every survey so this is very sporadic money and though great for extra spending is by no means a way to actually have an income!

You need to manage work and home all from one place. This can be simple if you are diligent about your schedule and treat your work like you would any job, setting aside hours every day that are just for work. Of course this can be changed if a child falls ill or there is something else up but you don’t want to deviate from your schedule often because consistency is going to be the key to your success.


Tomorrow check out setting up your home office!


Jan 212014

My Fight to Get Organized

I decided this year to make it my one thing to do.


Once the kids went back to school I took down Christmas and put everything away and I took out some more winter like decor, including a lot of candles and clear glass for it to reflect off of.

I went through my email and unsubscribed to everything that I didn’t read to free up extra time each day and I organized my book shelves.

I also streamlined my Goodreads shelves by deleting them all and keeping a read, to read, and did not finish shelf.

I cleaned the fish tank and have been trying to keep up on my personal laundry.

I have also been writing in my gratitude journal EVERYDAY instead of just when I remember. It is becoming a habit that I do each night before bed and I am really pleased with that.

Being grateful and acknowledging the small things makes everything seem so big!

But, when I fight to meet my goals I seem to lose and THAT is frustrating!

How Do I Lose the Fight?

  • The fight gets lost when I find myself sleeping more than I am awake.
  • When I feel like everything I own is “junk” or just going to be ruined by the pets and I lose motivation.
  • The fight is lost when I want to raise my children one way but others have a different idea or a different believe system and their impact is just as much as my own.
  • I fight to clean the house only to turn around and have it a mess before I have even emptied the mop pail!

It is most definitely the little things that add up that bring me down and make me feel like the world is fighting back because everything piles up so quickly and I become overwhelmed. I feel inadequate. I feel like I have failed. Maybe no one else cares about the nose prints on the french door but I do and to me those nose prints say I am lazy even though when I wipe those prints off a dog will be right  there sniffing the glass to see what I am up to.


I get a “why bother?” attitude and that isn’t healthy for me or my family or pets. It leads to depression which leads to the sleep cycle and so on.

So HOW Do I Fight a World that Fights Me Back?

I stay focused on:

  • My gratitude journal
  • I write
  • I blog
  • I do small things in an attempt to feel that even work done incorrectly still blesses me and my home.
  • I read the Bible
  • I read -a lot

Focusing on the Lord and the one’s I love is good motivation to at least TRY and TRYING is seemingly all that I can do.

fight to be grateful

How do you fight back? How do you place value on the mundane? What makes YOU feel like an asset to your family?

Jan 132014

Staying Home ~ Can I afford it?

For many of us moms {and dads} we want to stay home with our children and raise them at home instead of using daycare or even school. Being able to home-school is becoming a huge trend that I see with most bloggers and living on one income can definitely be a make or break for how you bring up your family.

Once you crunch those numbers and create your new budget you likely have seen that you are literally going to live paycheck to paycheck and won’t have any extra spending money as you adjust to your new life at home.

Today I want to discuss with you how I personally am able to be a single, stay at home mom who doesn’t receive child support.

My Business

You would be surprised to hear that I don’t make much from my blogs and that few people actually do. We litter our blogs with affiliate links and ads and we even get paid for the odd post here and there but that is not dependable income nor is it ever the same.
So far this year I have made $1 through my combined affiliate links!!

Last year I decided there had to be a better way to stay home, make money, and continue to write/blog.
I joined several expensive stay at home businesses and flopped big time. Well, I shouldn’t say I flopped but the cost of the products just covered what I was making.
Breaking it down I was only making a few dollars an hour!

That is, until I found the company I am with now, doing referrals for fortune 500 companies!
I post to Facebook each day in several mom groups and business groups and with each inquiry I receive I simply give my business link and I then talk each person through the 3 simple steps to earning money,

What Does it Cost?

My total investment to begin earning was about 17 dollars {CDN}!
Best of all, I got to chose what I spent that money on so that I could get started.
By picking trial offers from fortune 500 companies I was able to pick the trials I wanted and then begin to promote them!

This is where the earning comes in.
Once I started promoting these awesome offers and friends, family and complete strangers began to also try these offers I earned on each successful referral!
Not the $1 I receive from affiliate links either but a MINIMUM of $20 per completed referral.

Do You Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about doing referrals and waking up each morning to cash in your PayPal account then this is an amazing program for you. You can make over $100 per referral which is more than I could or would make at a regular job and I certainly wouldn’t be able to collect on it all AND stay home with my family!

Getting Started

Check out my website about this amazing opportunity that has worked for me and several of my friends, allowing each of us to be stay at home parents!

In just 3 steps you can start earning before you go to bed tonight.
You simply have to put in your email address and then look at the available offers to get started.
If you decide to wait or find that this isn’t for you right now you won’t be bombarded with emails or contacted again.

This is truly YOUR business!

That said, If you do decide to join be sure to let me know so I can add you to our success groups and training groups on Facebook, where you will receive all the support you need and become part of a family that will ensure your success!

Start now by visiting my website!

If you are wanting to make extra cash, completely replace your income, get out of debt, stay at home, set your own hours, be your own boss than this is definitely for you!

stay at home

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