Taken Back

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Jul 032013

Thanks to a boost from an old friend`s blog I have begun to read devotionals again and study the Bible. It seems as though every few months I get into this hole where I forget about my role as a Christian woman and mother. My guilt comes out when I cuss or am snappy with the kids or animals. I think to myself, “Lord, how am I supposed to train up children in your honor when I cannot maintain my own values?” but then I read an encouraging post from that old friends blog and I feel inspired. I see the pictures of her home and I think to myself “her love for the Lord and her devotion to Him has given her all that she has”.

I am not envious of her life, it is her life and I am proud of her for having all that she does at such a tender age. God works through her to show me all that I can have, no not the house etc but the family life, the joy and happiness if I just put God FIRST in my life and live for HIM. Proverbs is an entire book in the Bible that tells us of all the things our Lord has promised us and all of those things can be found here on earth while we still live in these vessels that the Lord has sent us in. We can prosper, we can be healed, we can be rich in all the right areas if only we focus on His Word, our relationships with Him and by not just learning these things but applying them to our daily lives.

So, while life may feel stagnant right now I have faith that God has plans for me, for this exact moment in time. I have faith that my past and present will mean something for my future and for the future of my family and the Godly woman I was created to be.

Imagine no longer having to raise your voice to your children or not bickering with your husband. Keeping evil out of your life through simple steps that the Lord Himself speak to us in plain black and white (and sometimes red) He speaks to our hearts and souls we just have to listen and obey. Far too many times have I heard what He has said for me but I have thought I knew better. What a mistake! Who am I to believe that I know better than my creator?

Fortunately, my Lord forgives me and waits for me to return to him each and every time I stray. I am loved unconditionally by the Most High and so are you!

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  1. Although we don’t share the same religion, I’m glad you’ve found what is best for you

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