Oct 232014

It only takes a second to look away, a glance that lands somewhere else and in that moment you miss out on what really matters. The smiles, the blown kisses, the wagging tails, the “I love you” whispered with the eyes.

Yet, we can look at God and never miss a thing, never regret a thing because He is the ultimate provider, making sure that our eyes are where they need to be so that we don’t miss out on those moments that flash before us.

We see in movies how ones life flashes before their eyes on an old movie real. All those moments wrapped up into one tiny life that means so much, that changes the world, no matter how long it lasted. Like those snippets of the past flickering on the big screen before us we get to see and experience all those moments eternally with God.

The smiles. The laughs. The goofy moments. Everything.

He give us the grace we need to blink, to sleep, to rest, to say not-right-now. We get to exist in the here and now and we can play it again and again and really look because He graced us with memories. He etched hearts onto our souls long before we ever took our first breath.

The trick though? The trick to look… is to actually see! To count our blessings one at a time. To do like the Christian song says and go inch by inch, row by row. Tenderly caring for it all, tending to His grace, so that we can truly see.

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