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Taking Down Christmas - Trending Mama
Jan 072014

005Taking Down Christmas and Letting His Light Shine

Today I took down the advent scrapbook page I had made and put away the Christmas wax melter and I was going to put away the statues of Mary, Joseph, the Chris Child and even the Angel but I decided to leave them where they were and without the candles for the Advent celebration and my scrapbook page.

So, I took out the fall wax melter that is still red but no longer in the shape of a Christmas ornament. I kept out my Advent candles and placed them in a ) shape. I kept the large candles out and just spread them a bit and on the Advent platter I placed a single tea light with a glass oil lamp lid over it to reflect the light off of the glass. I placed two others behind it against the wall to continue to reflect the light since the Advent page no longer stands there. Lastly, I placed the  Faberge egg styled music box I received from my Aunt for Christmas by the Mother Mary and a gold tea light holder with tea light to add to the reflections.Capture

Now, I just need to find a place to relocate the frosted deer candle holders that I had as part of my Advent scene.

The Small Things Our Hearts Desire

With  the beyond freezing weather outside I just couldn’t help but decorate with candles knowing they will warm up the room both in ambiance and heat from their small flames.


Oh how I love the look of a flame and  the way the gentlest movement of the air will make it come to life. If only it were warmer we could safely be outside enjoying bonfires and marshmallows and the smell of the wood burning. We could talk to each other, sing songs and play fetch with the dogs. Instead like most of the continent we are stuck inside and still feeling chilled. The first week of January is almost officially over and that means we are one week closer to spring. Raking leaves and fallen branches and having our bonfires and that beautiful flame that reminds me so much of God’s presence. Maybe because when I was little one of the first Christian songs I learned was “This Little Light of Mine” or maybe because at family reunions  that fire was a  place to congregate and catch up, sing songs, talk, express love for one another. The power of the fire and the damage it could do never being too far from our thoughts but having fun just the same.


He really is the Light and I will follow where He goes!

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