Oct 112014

Every day when the kids come home from school I ask them “what did you do at school today?” and they say “nothing” and then I say “what did you learn?” and they say “nothing”, yet these kids are smart, far smarter and doing harder work than we did in their grades which leads me to believe that either they are receiving new microchip implants with the information on them and hence they don’t need to learn OR the teachers have come up with a way to teach them without it feeling like it’s boring or hard work.

My bet is on option 2!

I have always wanted to homeschool but the kids don’t want to and living situations haven’t really allowed for it anyway. I wonder if they would be where they are if I was the one teaching them and I also wonder how their character would be different.

A lot of moms say they could never homeschool or teach their kids because it is just too difficult. But, you know what mama (or dad)? YOU taught your baby everything it has learned from birth right on up until that moment where you leave them at a classroom door. YOU DID IT! YOU ARE CAPABLE!

When I was in school one of the songs that we always listened to and sang at prayer services had the words “Speak Lord I’m listening. Plant Your Word down deep in me. Speak Lord I am listening. Teach me to hear and understand”

The Word of God is probably the most important thing your child can ever know. It will heal them spiritually, encourage them to learn in other areas, give example after example of obedience and the reward of Salvation.

Sure, we need to teach our kids letters and numbers so they can function in today’s world, but we need to teach them God first, because God should be first, because we NEED Him most. More than money or numbers or knowing red from yellow, God owns all of those things, He knows every hair on our heads and every cell in our body and whom else is better to teach us than our Saviour? Through His mercy and grace it is NEVER too late to change our ways and put Him first, in our lives and the lives of our children!

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