Oct 072016

My faith has been through the wringer lately, and I may have been failing the test, letting myself fall, letting the world step in the way, letting myself give in to things I know not to do. And yet, here I am writing as part of this crazy group and I feel the cradle around me, knowing that like the prodigal son, I am always welcomed back, a feast is prepared and my presence is worth a celebration to the One true Father -our Father, yours and mine!

How wonderful to be His. To come back from the darkness and see His Light brightly shining at the end of what seemed like driving a tunnel in a car that has broken headlights. Yet, I know it is easy for me to break, shatter into a billion pieces and watch the scars scab over but never really go away.

You can glue the mirror back together again, but it never reflects the same. It’s always more fragile than it was before and the tiny shards that we couldn’t pick up and see leave scarred cracks where the glue resides, a wholeness that isn’t really complete and as best as I try to be whole I have to accept that I am only as whole as I am in Christ and that while my tests may be failed, and I may fail this journey called life, I will one day be wholly whole, in His divine presence as I am greeted at the pearly gates and welcomed into the Heavenly realm.

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  2 Responses to “Test – Day 7 #Write31Days #DarknesstoLight #FMFParty”

  1. Marisa,
    This is so beautifully honest.
    What an amazing thing it is that we are always welcome in our Father’s arms.
    I loved what you said:
    “while my tests may be failed, and I may fail this journey called life, I will one day be wholly whole,”

    I too am looking forward to that day when we are finally whole.
    Thanks for sharing this, Marisa!

    Visiting from #FMF # 77

  2. Marisa, beautiful post. You are a “beloved, broken, blessed child of God” just like everyone of us. You will always be welcomed home.

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