Jun 042015

“I am a gift giver
You are a gift giver
We are all givers and receivers of gifts
And the Greatest gift you can give and receive
Is the gift of Love
The gift of Love”

I remember singing these words during mass on the gym floor at the Catholic school I went to, OLV – Our Lady of the Valley. The school only went through grade 6 but that gave me 8 years of songs embedded in my head.

I think in those days turned into years is when I realized that I don’t need to be in an actual “Church” in order to experience the love and community that is Church. I learned that God gave us the Gift and the Gift was Jesus and His command and promise was Love and that all love is ordained by God Himself.

In recent years I have learned that I can minister through my writing, through Facebook groups and posts. I can experience community and prayer in the grocery store with an old friend or on Twitter in our Party’s. I see MY church every day when I turn on my computer and there are messages full of praise reports, prayer requests and notifications within the groups I lead.

Those are my people, my Church, gifted to me by God through His Love.

I prayed for quite a while, probably 5 years about whether or not I want to begin attending church and while I still haven’t decided God has gifted contentment into my heart for what I am doing and where I am at right now on this spiritual journey.

My prayer is that my story will bring Him glory, that I will encourage someone along their own personal path and that everything I have been through in my life will not be for Satan’s service.

The Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered in His name in prayer it will be done and since Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist back then I can only assume that the connections I am making in the social media realm count and that God sees/hears those prayers and is a witness to our hearts, we aren’t just community, we are family. Separated by continents, countries, state lines and time zones, yet He has gifted us into one another’s lives.

In God there are no mistakes, Only truth.

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  12 Responses to “The Greatest Gift is the Gift of Love”

  1. Yes! Where 2 or more are gathered, whether in the same room or out on the interwebs somewhere, God is there.

  2. Of course, you know how BIG a gift this online community is to the two of us. And how much of a gift your friendship through it all has been! You are definitely a great encourager, dear, and your words are making an impact!

    • Thank you sweet Jen!! I know that our lives crossed paths through God and God alone! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about and pray for you! I love your pictures you post each day showing how you are overcoming hurdles and living life to the fullest!

  3. Amen! The body of Christ doesn’t have to meet within four walls. I feel his pleasure when we meet at twitter parties on Thursday nights. It’s a celebration and a gift, to be sure!

    • Yes I definitely love my social media based Church family, you all have definitely come into my life and planted roots the way a real family would. I don’t feel like I have to pretend to be anyone I am not, my hair can be unwashed and I can be in day old jammies and feel unjudged and understood. In a lot of ways with social media type relationships I find that they tend to be stronger and MORE personal than many in real life because we are not afraid to put ourselves out there, we can hit delete or block, the entire relationship is based solely on communication and as a result you get to know one anothers soul, the deep stuff, not the superficial 😀 It’s a beautiful thing!!!

  4. Yes I agree, a physical structure doesn’t signify a church. In today’s world, we have the luxury of reaching so many so far away in distant lands. And if that is your church I think that it’s a wonderful way to minister and have fellowship with others! Keep walking in His truth and He’ll lead the way to what He wants you to do!!

    • Thank you Shannon!! I think I struggle with the going to church thing because it is something I should do, but then I think that the only reason I feel that way is because I think people don’t think I am Christian enough if I don’t go. So the motive is wrong. Continuing to pray about this and accepting that where I am in where I should be!!

  5. Yes, where two or three are gathered, on-line or on a church pew! He is here. You post so fast and get the #1 spot quite often!!! I’m #47 on the linkup!

    • lol Susan!! I begin typing the moment the prompt is released and i open up Kate’s page. I then upload my post and work on a graphic if the graphic isn’t done by the time the linky goes live I link up anyway and then add my graphic afterwards. I think it helps that I can type around 90 words a minute, or so scripture typer tells me 😛

  6. I love this, Marisa. Even though I don’t consider myself a writer and I haven’t got a blog my Thu friends have welcomed me with open arms. I feel like I’m getting to know them just through Twitter and their blogs. Being able to pray for everyone is truly a gift. I will say the one big advantage of being a part of church family is the one-on-one relationships it fosters. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: you inspire me, friend. Your courage is amazing!!!

    • Thank you sweet Lynette! You are so encouraging each week! I love learning about everyones life paths as well. It is amazing each week as we sit down and chat knowing we are chatting from everywhere with completely different ages and lives. Amazing!!

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