Apr 162015

Tomorrow Tomorrow is Friday, which normally in the life of a mama can be just another day, but tomorrow happens to also be the last official day of this sessions Hello Morning Challenge of the study of Pslams and there are so many left to read, dissect, understand. But then again, maybe I could read every one a thousand times and never fully get them all. The Bible is always so relevant it is almost like it changes with each season I am in, a word or phrase serving a different purpose depending on what’s going on in life.

Sometimes I lay back in wonderment about all those words in that Good Book and I have thought to myself “they must’ve edited it” only to pull up an old copy to find the wording standing just the same. How can it be so accurate? How can I have no clue what tomorrow will truly bring when there is this amazing and loving God who knows everything?

My life has been rock hard but in it all, God has been the rock that cradles me with an eternity of strength and favor, love. As much as I love my own children and I would die for them, I can’t even begin to imagine how much our Creator loves each of us and how that will not change tomorrow or the day after or in 10,000 years from now. His love is infinite, eternal and He has loved us from the moment of creation thousands of years ago.

I definitely don’t have the foggiest idea of what tomorrow will actually bring, but what I do know, is God will be there and He has the day all planned out!

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  11 Responses to “Tomorrow #FMFParty”

  1. Great post, Marisa! I, too, am amazed over and over again at how timely God’s word is. There’s always something fresh and new, no matter how many times I read it. He is faithful!

  2. God’s presence makes each tomorrow that much easier to handle, doesn’t it? Great thoughts here, Maria!

    • I think God makes it easier to wake up to a fresh new day without having to do a dance of trying to please and what not. Tomorrow is a new day, I start fresh with my sins wiped away!!

  3. Marisa, Yep he knows! As a poet, I have really come to appreciate the Psalms. Some of my faves Psalm 121, of course Psalm 23, and Psalm 30 (especially verse five)

    • I have always written poetry, but it tends to only come to me freely when I am in a dark place emotionally. I know it is an outlet that God has given me to express myself in a way that I otherwise can’t at that time so I embrace it and accept that where there is dark there is always LIGHT!

  4. I love the constancy of God who is the same today, tomorrow and for always. It is a beautiful reminder that in this world of messy we can look to God to always love us and walk by our sides in everything. I love these words and pray that you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Just knowing He is already in our tomorrow makes it easier to get out of bed each morning, doesn’t it ?

  6. Marisa, I don’t believe we’ve ever been “neighbors” at Kate’s Five Minute Friday but I came visiting this morning as I am addressing your #FMFSNAILMAIL card! What a blessing to have found your blog. God bless you as you mama your brood! As long as He is in our tomorrow – we can face it and walk through it. xo

    • Thanks Susan! I still need to check the mail to see if it has arrived yet! I know it will arrive in his perfect time!!

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