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Jul 282014

My mind drifts to the edge’s of a dangerous place and I hold onto the edge with my nails breaking off bloody raw as the weight of a phantom reality pulls me down, hard.

As I close my eyes I can feel the blade in my hand dancing on my flesh numb like death has already come and I scream that I am nothing, nothing but trouble.

Only my words are not heard because I have no air, my breath stolen by my clinging cries and I wonder if the last face I see is yours ->the one I despise.

I hear the crackle of thunder jolt the air as lightening turns the dark to light and in it I hear silent whispers, some of the weight lifts and I know that I am safe. One more day. One more time. The Saviour saves and by His grace I am here, I have time.


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  3 Responses to “Trouble”

  1. Dang girl! I have no words!

    • Sometimes I don’t either Marcy, but putting it out there, really out there, steals away Satan’s hold and returns me back to God, I only pray that when I write from the raw-sore that maybe someone else who is hurting inside will see that even the storms have light. Perhaps I should change my blog name to “Insane Ramblings” 😉

  2. Marisa,

    “Insane Ramblings” would be all of us at times. 😉

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