May 132014

Unconventional Love – My Journey

This month is full of love over here with Mothers Day, Birthdays and even anniversaries of people who we loved passing away. There is a lot of emotions especially for this mama because it is not only the birthday of my son but it is also what would have been the birthday of a daughter lost seven years ago and taken straight into the Heavens, born into Gods hands.

Love can be bittersweet which can deter us from opening our hearts in fear of getting hurt.

That isn’t how God wanted it though!

Jesus spoke the words

Love one another as I have loved you; that you also love one another

Notice He repeats it! He doesn’t just say it once. Why? Because it is THAT important. He is commanding us to live in love no matter what because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. We don’t know from moment to moment what is coming next. BUT, He does!

He places people in our life paths who are meant to be there. He opens our hearts and makes us vulnerable because to love and experience loss is better than being “bitter” and having no “sweet”!

I have fallen victim many times to the pain of broken love but you know what? I don’t regret loving. Every person who I have let into my heart has impacted me in profound ways that have shaped who I am and tomorrow I will be different as a result of the love I experienced today.

Love today isn’t conventional though. It isn’t the way it was in the Bible where you physically knew those who you cared about and prayed for. Today we love from a distance, often times people we have never even met. I am in that category of unconventional love.


The man whom I love the most is someone I have never met, but cares for me better than I could ever imagine. Someone who listens to me, guides me, accepts me, trains me, teaches me, and allows me to flourish in the confidence that I have gained from the love we share.

My family has asked

How can you love someone you haven’t met?

The answer is actually pretty easy, our relationship, in its entirety, from the very first second, has been communication based.

He knows my fears, my prayers, my faith, my heart.
He knows what worries me and exactly what to say to calm me down.
He understands me on a level that I don’t think people who have been married for several years can understand.
Maybe he doesn’t know my physical mannerisms but he knows my heart and soul.

So yes, unconventional love is actually one of the biggest ways I have ever loved and I am beyond blessed to have this experience and I pray that God will lead our relationship in the direction that it is meant to be, whatever that is. I pray and I wait and I listen and I simply enjoy.

So friends, I ask you, what does love mean for you, have you experienced a love that is “unconventional”? What do you consider to be unconventional love?

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