Oct 032016

I got out of the car and was half way up the stairs to the house when my dads voice echoed across the yard, “where did you get those clothes?” I turned to look at him, standing with his lunch box and bag after a long week of hard work and I said, “my closet” with more defensiveness in my voice than intended.

He looked at me standing there in a mustard colored sweater with a black tee under it along with a black skirt that has an uneven hemline and a pair of suede boots and then as he realized I hadn’t spent money and was wearing clothes that I have had for years said “you look real nice, you should dress like that more often.”

My daddy never passes out compliments so I felt like a little girl again hearing him say I looked nice in what really was “old” clothes.

The mustard coloured sweater was a gift last Christmas, the black shirt under it was from my mom who gave it to me when she cleaned out her closet a few years back, my skirt I had bought shortly after I had my daughter 14 years ago and the boots were about 6 years old. I don’t wear socks and my undergarments are shamefully needing replaced.

I didn’t feel “real nice” but it was a lovely reminder that just because I can’t afford new clothing that it doesn’t mean that my well taken care of older clothes can’t be repurposed into styles that are relevant enough to be noticed by my dad who has seen these items time and time again.

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