Aug 202014

I don’t play many games online, normally I am on my computer to read, write, watch movies and chat with the most awesome people in the world. I also spend time researching biblical words and translations and Bibles and participating in many different bible studies and enjoying community with people who share similar interests.

About 5 weeks ago I hurt my back. There was an audible POP from my lower back and I have been on pain medication and feeling pretty useless since, spending quite a bit of time in bed because the pain is making standing and sitting unbearable. If you have ever had a back injury I am sure you can relate.

So, I downloaded Candy Crush Saga and some witch bubble pop game and this morning when I woke up I normally get up, do what I can, shower etc and then retreat to my bed and do my Bible study for Hello Mornings. Yet, today, I actually picked up my IPad and hit the Candy Crush icon.

I felt and feel horrible. As the game opened I realized that this was NOT good and I put it down and pulled out my Bible and the current study and said a little prayer asking God to forgive me for choosing a game first.

I see how addictive these games can be, just one more life, just one more friend request, one more try.

We often hear or even say that we don’t have time to study the Bible, we don’t have time for God. Yet, millions of people are playing these games every single day, time that could be used to read a verse, or two verses or answer a few questions on what they have learned. I am not saying give up the games, because we all need different ways to use our minds to spice things up and keep it interesting, but to say you don’t have time for God when you have time for games, stopping for a coffee, waiting in a drive- thru line, window shopping, online browsing etc etc etc is a bold faced lie. A lie that you likely aren’t even aware you are telling yourself. You don’t have fifteen minutes at any point in your day, even if its three five minute breaks to pull up scripture and read?

We need God.

We need to put God first.

If we don’t put God first we won’t have a relationship with God and if we don’t have a relationship with God then HOW is He supposed to be able to aid us in our times of need? If scripture isn’t on our tongues or on repeat in our minds then how can we answer the easy questions in life, never mind the hard?

Satan’s mission statement likely reads something along the lines of “Separate as many people from God as possible today”.

Each time we decide that something else is better than focusing on our relationship with God is another notch on Satan’s belt, it is a WIN for him to pull us away. If you are a parent you know that those inches can turn into miles darned fast!


Today it is my prayer that when you wake up, before you open up your email, play a game, or get busy doing something else, you pick up the Word of our Lord and Saviour and you take the time to get to know Him. That you work on your relationship with Him and that throughout your day as other things come along that you seek God in all of your actions. I pray that your soul-holes be filled with the riches of our God in Heaven and that you can not only feel redeemed but you actually ARE redeemed, through His unfailing love! {Psalm 44:26}


Right now I am doing the Hello Mornings challenge and we are studying the book of Jonah. You can join me in studying Jonah by leaving a comment or purchasing the e-book that I am using. This week we are focusing on Jonah 1:1-16 and learning about Hebrew words, their different uses and meanings and how they can help us dive deeper into the Word and our understanding of it by using free resources online to help us learn.


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  1. Ah Candy Crush! This is exactly the reason I refuse to start playing. I’ve been in that place where the games become addictive, and I don’t want to be there again! 🙂 But it’s hard, because they are so prevalent in online media. Praying you can stay immersed first, friend.

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