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Inshallah – God Willing

Willing Five Minute FridayIn my experience with Islam I have met and spoken to many people who will use the word “inshallah”. This word is used frequently in their speech and I had always thought it was sort of odd that they would say “Inshallah, you will have a good weekend” or “See you tomorrow, inshallah” but now that I have delved further into the Bible, into my faith and spirituality, the more that I have learned my own soul I see how saying something like “I will see you tomorrow, God willing” will help you to keep God in your heart at all times.

“I will finish this book tomorrow, God willing”… It has a ring to it, it offers prayer in everything you say and do, it gives the Lord credit and praise BEFORE you even do something because you are acknowledging that these things will only happen if it is Gods will.

In giving thanks for what we already have inshallah is giving thoughtful prayer BEFORE we MIGHT receive in His name. It is surrendering yourself to Him. It is trusting that what happens in your life is His will and that is an amazing thing. Living in each moment knowing that the next moment will only happen if God is willing.

Inshallah God Willing

I don’t know much from other languages but this always stuck with me because it’s just another way to live in prayer and while when speaking to someone who is always tossing that word in is a little bit weird at first or even insincere sounding once you recognize the giving of your being to God, moment by moment, it is really a strong, powerful and profound word. In it’s native language it looks like beautiful scribbles on a page.

I also have found people who abuse this word, they have used it soooo much that it is no longer relevant like “i will see you for lunch, inshallah” and they have no plans to attempt to meet up for lunch. If you are planning to do something and are listening for the guidance of God then it is a fitting word, if you are just saying God willing because it sounds peaceful or nice or… then it is like a broken promise, a promise you made with the Lord when you said “Lord, I leave each moment up to you and what you Will for my life” and then turn around and you do the opposite. God is always listening. So don’t lie, don’t place faith in his will if you don’t intend to obey it.


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  3 Responses to “Willing – A Five Minute Friday Post”

  1. God IS always listening. In fact, as you and I know, he hears us even if we don’t speak. I love this post. And I learned a new word…inshallah!

    Paula at /Smidgen,Snippets,&Bits

  2. I learned something new today! Thank you!

  3. I am so glad I stopped by from FMF. I love learning of different cultures and religions. Thank you for sharing a piece of your faith with us today.

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