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As a society if we don’t like to do something we consider it work. Many fights are caused over who has to do the dishes and who has to cook dinner. The joy in life seems to be stolen from us and instead of being grateful that there is food to be made and plates to be cleaned we focus on the “work” of it all and how under appreciated we feel.

Day 13 of 31 days WorkYet Mama’s and Dads around the globe would give their lives (and many do) just to give their child one bite of food, one more chance at living and succeeding and they know that in order to achieve you need to have fuel for the body, a body that doesn’t have the right fuel, or is running on empty becomes depressed, tired, worn through like a dish towel that has see far better days. Thread barren.

In North America today we have thousands of obese people (including myself). Of those people most of them eat far too much, but it’s not even about quantity. It’s about quality. It’s about ordering a pizza and tossing the box when you are done over getting up, grocery shopping and then cooking delicious meals for yourself and your family. Sure, obesity is a problem, but the real problem in many cases is that we feel entitled to rest, entitled to not have to cook dinner or do dishes or make that trip to the store. We fill up on hollow calories waiting for things to change, and deep down, we know they won’t change unless WE CHANGE.

Like food for the body, there is food for the soul. We are taught that God needs to be first in our lives but so many people put him second or third or even last because taking five minutes or ten or even a few seconds each day to greet God and to ask him to watch over your life is unnecessary work. Being grateful and feeling blessed by all that he provides us with is resented because we don’t grasp onto Him and beg Him close. We don’t wake up every morning and say “hello” to God. We don’t go to bed each night in prayer, so the wedge between our physical world and our spiritual world becomes so full of holes that it is holding on simply by the string that you asked God into your life as your Saviour.

He wants the soul holes to be filled in. He wants that string to become a ladder and then a bridge. A bridge to thanksgiving, to peace. He wants us to want Him the way He loves us. He wants us to be excited to know Him instead of looking at our Bibles and our Bible studies as pieces of work.

God should never be work! He does all the heavy lifting and pulls the burden off of us and covers us in His purity, His warmth, His unconditional love and no matter how many times we stray that shepherds hook is always ready to pull us back, always ready and waiting for us to simply ask Him to help us.

When we can see through eyes of gratitude there is no work, only love.

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  One Response to “Work –Day 13 of #Write31Days”

  1. Talk about hard hitting today! Great points, and you certainly don’t shy away from pointing out some of the flaws in our society!

    Really though, we do feel entitled to rest, rather than work, though I’ve never thought of it that way. We feel entitled to have instant gratification, rather than working hard and enjoying the fruits of our labor a little later. What’s going to become of this “instant gratification” society?

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