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Writer – Blog Hop

I was asked by Jen Daugherty to join in on this blog hop where we answer four questions about writing. She introduced me last week on her blog along with two other bloggers. This week I am answering  the same four questions she answered and I am introducing three bloggers who will be answering the same questions on their blogs next week!

1 – What am I writing or working on?

Oh my goodness, I don’t even know! I have three blogs, Rogue Reviews, Hide the Matches and Trending Mama. I keep a journal beside my bed and several binders full of random thoughts from over the years. At some point, when the kids are older, I plan to tell my story in the form of a book, but for now I am writing because it gets it out of my head and onto paper so the thoughts can’t be lost.

2 – How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Sometimes I wonder if it is different, but then I realize that it is MY story, not yours or anyone else’s and that alone makes it unique. I try to always write straight from the gut, raw, unedited truth and emotion and I don’t go back and cut out the gory parts because of shame or fear. You either love me or you don’t. I am a child of God and I have a true story to tell and if that story helps even one person than all the junk in my life was worth it.

3 – Why do I write what I write?

Truth? I have had multiple suicide attempts since 2005 and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), writing is an outlet that allows me to get things out of my head and into a place that I can organize and be somewhat removed from. Of course, the feelings of panic and what not almost always come back but since I REALLY began this journey with God and being dedicated to keeping a gratitude journal, #1000gifts, and writing daily, if not more than once a day, I have had fewer suicidal ideations and I feel that there is hope for my future which rapidly ceases to exist when I keep everything bottled up inside.

Writing for me is not only about what I believe, it is quite literally my lifeline and I can honestly say that if I didn’t have this outlet I likely wouldn’t be here.

The fact that I have met so many amazingly wonderful and encouraging people along this road has made life so much better and I have full confidence that God is in control and that my life is in His hands. Keeping Him at the forefront, through my writing and my relationships online, I am able to stay in a much more positive state of mind. I haven’t had a suicide attempt since I really jumped in with both feet 2 years ago. All the thanks for that belongs to God!

4 – How does my writing process work?

I don’t have a process. I just feel this need to spill what’s in my head, on the days where I stare at the cursor blinking on the screen I find that pen and paper often work better to get the raw truth out. Sometimes I am more poetic and rhythmic and other times my writing is choppy and haphazard. I don’t have a style any more than I do a process. The only thing that is consistent is that I will often think up a phrase or word and jot it down and use it as a prompt at a later date. I trust that God guides my hand and allows my thoughts to flow freely not only for my benefit but hopefully for the benefit of others. I am most creative at night, I assume it is because I have a lot of nightmares and try to avoid sleep, also that’s when the past creeps up which gives me something more profound to say.


So now I have three lovely ladies I would like to introduce y’all too. They have been a big part of my healing and my inspiration in the last while and my walk with God has grown immensely because of the way these ladies have touched my life.



AsheritahProfilePic_smAsheritah blogs at OneThingAlone.com about her journey toward resting in God’s amazing grace, celebrating Jesus through laundry piles, stacked bills, and midnight cries. She also posts encouraging thoughts, #1000gifts, and interesting reads on Facebook and Twitter.





michelleMichelle Waychoff is a thirty-something daughter of Christ, a wife, mom of 5 rambunctious boys, and an enlisted Army soldier. She lives in Wahiawa, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. She is currently serving in the United States Army at Fort Shafter, HI – her 7th duty station in 17 years. She is passionate about Jesus, her family, reading, and her country. She believes that faith and balance are the keys to happiness in life. She is fairly new to the blogging community and uses her blog, Epiphanies in the Den, as a documentary to finding balance in the many roles she has in life.



beckyBecky Wenrich is a wife, mom, dog-lover and Jesus-follower – though not necessarily in that order. 😉 Becky graduated in 2002 from Penn State, where she met her husband, Steve. Their beautiful daughter was born in 2010 and came to them through a private domestic infant adoption at 3 days old. They are currently a waiting family for a second domestic infant adoption. They are also waiting for Penn State football to start again (August 31, baby!!). Becky writes about adoption, faith and life at Wenrich Family Adoption.


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  1. I love your honesty, as always. The power of words and their ability to change lives shines through here! And it’s evidenced by the friendships we forge through these crazy little things called blogs and twitter parties. 🙂 Thank you SO much for writing, and introducing these 3 pretty awesome ladies. Looking forward to getting to know all of them better next week! 🙂

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