Oct 012014

31 days day 1 moveToday is the first day of 31 days of writing, or in my case 31 Days of Grace. I am not sure why I chose that title or what I intend to do with it but I do know that this is a community full of grace, grace on being late, on being quirky, God’s abundant grace. Yes, I get a full dose of grace every single day and I don’t even have to move from my cozy bed or couch. I don’t have to change into nice clothes, or change at all if I feel like wearing jammies all day –which for the record I totally do fairly often. I figure I live in the middle of the boonies and I am not seeing anyone so I may as well be comfortable! That’s grace right there.

The word prompts will mostly, probably, be from the list that awesome Kate created for us FMF girls to use, though, five minutes I can’t guarantee. I give myself grace like that too!

I am so excited with how God is moving in my life right now and I am even more excited that this whole crazy part of my life right now stems from God working in mysterious ways months and months ago.

You see, I joined Five Minute Friday’s when I saw that a blogger I follow had made a post. It was her first and ONLY FMF post so the fact that I followed the link to Lisa-Jo’s site and linked up myself was in itself one of those by chance things that only God could have put in place. After a long time writing on Fridays I decided to join in on the Twitter Party on Thursday night (use hashtag #FMFParty). You see, my internet allowance before sucked and I kept getting hit with 300 dollar bills for overage fees, YIKES! So I couldn’t Twitter Party like I wanted to!

In that first Twitter party on a Thursday night for a Friday post I met some awesome ladies, one stood out to me, Jen Daugherty. I don’t know what it was about her, similar in age perhaps? Otherwise we had nothing but God in common, or so I thought. Week after week we kept meeting up and I truly enjoyed learning about her struggles in coming home from South Africa during this party. (It just so happens that we are both doing this 31 Day Challenge too!)

Then we both signed up for the FMFPartySnailMail, which in essence is a bunch of us ladies thought that joining in and sending a letter each week through the mail to someone on the list would be an awesome way to brighten each others weeks and to spread the love that God has for us all. Out of several lists of 8 women, Jen and I found ourselves in the same group. What were the chances? God obviously had a plan and we jokingly stated that! I was the first person on Jen’s list to mail, she was my last.

We have continued to talk via Facebook and through those Twitter parties. Then 2 sessions ago for Hello Mornings we just HAPPENED to land ourselves unknowingly in the same Twitter group! Coincidence? At this point? NO WAY!

So, this week, we have opened our hearts and our time and energy, into volunteering for Hello Mornings and being accountability captains together. It just feels right. God moved us together for a reason. So to find that we kept getting placed in the same places for the same reason and then getting to know each other and finding out that volunteering for Hello Mornings was on both of our hearts it just seemed meant to be.

Registration is open this week and next week we start on the book of Matthew!

I love how God has moved in my life and has moved Jen INTO my life. I am so excited for all of these opportunities we have had to get to know each other and all the opportunities we continue to have that continues to let us learn and grow.

By His grace Jen is in my life. By His grace we were accepted to be accountability captains together. By His grace we will have a long friendship full of encouragement, understanding, and an eagerness to serve the Lord!

To Link up as an FMF blogger check out our Five Minute Friday host’s website, Kate Motaung!

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  3 Responses to “31 Days – Move”

  1. You know…I am just so grateful God moved YOU into MY life!! He does incredible things, and connects people in the strangest and most amazing ways. πŸ™‚ Your post is just so sweet…and I am really (REALLY) excited to read the rest of your 31 days of grace!!

  2. Whoa! Wow… Well, I look forward to reading more about God’s grace this month. I know God is real, but seeing how he manifests himself in others lives is always breathtaking.

    • God is so awesome and it is exciting to really feel like the path He has laid out for me happens to be the one I am walking on! πŸ™‚ We don’t always know and second guess ourselves, but in this, there is no doubt!

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