Aug 112014

015I have to admit that with this round three of FMFPartySnailMail I have been sort of disappointed. I have received two cards so far and they are beautiful with beautiful messages inside so I should be grateful, and I am because those two people took the time to write to me and take a moment to think about me.

Yet, I feel discouraged because I have put so much of myself into the cards I have sent out and it seems as though people are either being tardy, which is fine, or aren’t following the rules of sending out a card each week (or an email to say they are behind etc). I know I am the QUEEN of being late and I make that very well known on Twitter and I am sure people are left wondering when their mailbox is behind and I really apologize for that because I know how it feels, just know that when I create a card for you it is unique, one of a kind, and completely for you.

So naturally in all of my complaining I read my DayBrightener for the day and it is simple.

“Be the person you want to project”

–Heather Gemmen Wilson,

Hmmm, have I been that person? No!

I have been tardy, heck I have been down right behind! So what does this message say to me today?

It says “Girl, you NEED to set an example, be the person you want to have around you, follow the Golden Rule, treat others how you want to be treated, love your neighbour”

So, despite my woes, which anyone who is close to me has heard about, prayed about, worried about (thank you!), I am going to be sure to get this week’s card in the mail THIS WEEK because I don’t want the next person on the list to have to wait and wonder and feel like they weren’t worth my time because they are worth my time, each and every person on that list is worth my time, why? Because God created them, He created me and you and everyone on every list and I want to display my love for God by following the commandment that Jesus Himself gave and Love One Another.


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