Nov 262015

Today in the USA people from corner to corner sat around table’s big and small enjoying family and friends and good eats. Up here in Canada we did this in October which is equally as fun, though I will say the emphasis seems to be a lot more on family and friends than on the sales the day after. I mean, I get wanting to save money but there is more to this day than the sale on Friday.

They say that Thanksgiving was started with Pilgrims and Indians and all of that Jazz but really, from my perspective as a Christian, I see Thanksgiving beginning at that famous table that da Vinci painted of the last supper. Where Jesus and friends are passing bread and sharing wine. Where the Bible tells us about the upcoming crucifixion and the prophesies that will be fulfilled.

Jesus gave thanks. He sat or stood or did whatever Jesus did and He gave thanks to God the Father, teaching us to give thanks in all things, in all ways, always.

I would love to see more Jesus around the table and less shopping. And any shopping to be done with Jesus in mind. How about supporting Compassion, World Vision, Gospel for Asia, shopping fair trade and supporting the stay at home mama’s who are working from home with their home businesses. Like myself, Plexus is an awesome product that has given people health back, then we have the wonderful Mama’s (and wives) who are selling Avon, Scentsy and so many other amazing and GREAT products that support the seller instead of the billionaire chain store.

Did you know that for 30 dollars you can give medication to 10 children who are at risk of dying from preventable diseases? Did you know that for a couple hundred dollars you could buy livestock for a family so they can not only eat but make money? Did you know that while we sip on coffee and eggnog and all sorts of beverages there are millions of people who are dying, literally -for a single sip of something safe?

So let’s take our Thanks and GIVE because we need to be giving in order to truly receive the bounty of the Holy Spirit. All because Jesus mindfully spoke words of thanks around that table all those years ago!

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Oct 152015

Wandered up the stairs cold and only getting colder after leaving the warmth of the down comforters on the bed. The dogs out in the cold fall rain and I look across the marsh and see cattails that have burst into fluff and the colors of golden browns are soaked in as I wonder how long it will be until I open that door and see the marsh blanketed in a layer of frost.

I know we have had frost already several times because I have seen it in the driveway and on the car, but there is something special about seeing the dead covered anew. When that virgin blanket of snow falls for the first time each year and I love to hate it and hate to love it I know that spring is only a few short months ahead.

Jesus was the fall. Our autumnal abundance harvested just right.

He knew that in order for there to be life that there had to be sacrifice through His death. He knew He had to be a fallen leaf lying on the bitter-cold ground and He knew that the snow had to fly and that all of that mess would melt away in the spring with the rising of the Son.

Because, you can’t have new life if the old one carries on. If a tree never lost it’s leaves there would be no room for growth.

So while Jesus life represents the seasons and the needs we have this seasonal reminder is really filled with hope!

The winter months will pull us inside and together, for love, for meals and warmth. For belly laughs and board games played with our own sets of rules. Hot chocolate will be made and made again and again and apple cider with cinnamon sticks will be a fragrant (and tasty) reminder of the crisp apples that will blossom and grow in the seasons to come.

Throw cushions and blankets will be lovingly folded and placed on the couches and we will bend down a million times to pick them from the floor.

As a mama the monotony of it all will grow old fast yet I know that at the end of each day I will pull out my planner and my journal and write down the days gifts because there is a gift in everything if you look hard enough and instead of counting to 1000 I know that I will be in the millions come the end of my life. A million little things, a million blessings that most overlook and the only regret I have is that I didn’t start counting sooner, that I didn’t praise the Lord for each diaper changed, the hiccups in the night, the overtired toddler saying no to everything, the wails and crying fits in stores over senseless things that made perfect sense to the toddlers eyes.

When we count our blessings and count them all, it is hard to not see the silver lining in every moment and while I may write in my journal or blog each day, I know that He is the Author of my life!

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Mar 212015

I smell like lavender and peppermint essential oils right now, sort of like a candy cane during the holidays but in reality it is a mix of essential oils rubbed into tired arthritic body parts, mostly my back and hip and they help with some relief. Not much, but enough that I don’t feel completely insane.

I had a rough month, my pain almost always at a 10 and a lot of nausea and headaches and flu like symptoms. Seems like I quite possibly have caught a flu bug but I am not overly concerned. Normally I get Pneumonia every year and am on several rounds of antibiotics, so this year having nothing more than what *might* be a flu is a beautiful thing.


I know that I am only feeling as healthy as I have been because of Plexus products. My weight loss and inches loss have been slow but consistent. My IBS symptoms 99% gone and nearly all my other health woes have also been fixed by the healing in my gut. Sometimes, I still fear drinking a glass of milk and then remember that I can and I won’t get sick. I love that feeling, the feeling of not being afraid of consuming something.

You see, my stomach issues had become so bad that even water would often set me off. I was quite literally at my wits end, not able to consume anything and not be sick. Coffee, tea, milk, water, never mind actual food – all made me good and sick.

Now? I can and do eat fruit and berries and can drink juice and milk and LOTS of water and coffee and whatever else I want, though my appetite is curbed away from sweets for the most part it is nice to know that I don’t have to AVOID eating them, I CAN eat, I just don’t HAVE to snack/eat the sugars I was.

A year ago I never would have thought that I would have energy.
I never thought I would be cooking or cleaning.
I never thought that I would be alert enough to memorize scripture and take time to REALLY pray.
A year ago I doubted I would be alive by the time I hit my 30th birthday and now that I am 30 I feel great.

I have lost over 20lbs, that’s 20 lbs of butter and I have lost just as many inches off my waist, hips and thighs. I have a long way to go but at least I know I am on the path to being healthy. Which is a far cry from wondering if I would even be alive today.

God is good.

Aug 282014

The roots bare at the bottom of the container, no covering, not even water and the plant makes its first attempt to yield fruit, springing up three happy yellow flowers begging to be pollinated. I follow the instructions and gently rub my finger from one to the next and back again hoping that my finger can do the job of the bee since this plant is indoors with me.

I am like this plant. My roots long and healthy but often holding onto nothing that should sustain life and I still attempt to bear fruit, be the light in someone’s day by spreading The Light of the Son.

I take a sip of coffee and then another and for a second I wonder how anyone can drink something so disgusting. Then I look up at the ceiling-sky and I apologize because many have nothing to drink at all.

A gift – coffee

I pray that I can soon sponsor a child through Compassion with the compassion and grace of our Father God. I desperately want to hold the letter from a child in my hands knowing that my tithe is going towards the future, the future of that child, the future of compassion and Compassion, the future of the Word being spread on. I feel blessed to know so many who do sponsor a child.

Encouraged –(In)courage

The moths click as they hit the window unaware that there is a clear sheet of glass preventing them from reaching the light. I wonder to myself if there is some invisible barrier preventing me from reaching God? Am I just a click on a big clear ceiling? Is there something else I should do, does the Lord God want more? I feel worn as though I have nothing left to give. Yet I know when I reach down deep inside that grace lives there and His Light is my life.

I read in the Nesting Place that the child they sponsor was excited about cement walls, a tin roof, pipes for water and electricity to do homework by. I am privileged. To think I stare up from my bed and look at the floorboards of the main floor above, I see the duct work that brings the house heat, insulation to protect me in this cacoon of house, wires running for lights, satellite, phone and the imaginary lines that I can’t even see that make up my Wifi connection. I wonder if the Nesters child would consider wifi to be some form of magic?

I know this girl and though we have never met she feels like a forever sister in Christ and its thousands of wires and lines imaginary and real that connect us so we can say a simple hello or have a conversation about anything or everything or both. She told me what her first Compassion letter said and the English was so broken, so true. I prayed for her child, I pray that she will be able to sponsor her all the way through.

A gift –books

Books on my shelf: in my bedroom alone I have 80 books. My book shelf is in the living room though.

I averaged them out to 10 dollars each, that would be 800 dollars conservatively. So I offer to read and review and I get many books free or I am even paid for the ad space. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 80 some books are all spirit based. God is working. Working for free.

Jesus Calling

Each day He calls and I read the daily devotion. I turn the pages on the calendars and read them too. I worry that He will speak to me and I will miss it, overthink it, or not recognize it as Him. So, what if Jesus calls and I miss it? Will he call back, leave a message after the beep, become a voice in my head?


He is the sower and I am His seed. He has given me everything I could possibly need. (Tweet this)

A gift –grace

The cup of grace is the silver cuff of grace, acknowledgement, thanksgiving. The wreath wooden hand made by children of God sits high on a shelf in my closet waiting for advent to come, so it can display our glorious wait, inching along until the Good News arrives. I could open up the wreath now and endlessly count down while I lay in wait for Him to arrive for the second time.

He is the gift, the presence and presents that needs to be acknowledged each day.

Jun 152014

Singin’ in the Rain

Another cold day with a boat load of rain making it impossible to go outside and get anything done, even the poor dogs looked like drowned rats after only a few minutes. The only one who didn’t seem to mind being soaked and cold was the cat. She is an odd one!

I still haven’t got my garden planted. The days that my allergies aren’t so bad the bugs are either horrible or it’s raining so I am going to have to look at what I don’t have already growing and pay close attention to the growing/harvest times and do a bare bones garden this year. I hope to get some things planted this week.

The tomato plant in my Aerogarden is growing every day but has yet to flower so no fruit yet. It’s funny watching that plant grow because every day I raise the light and everyday it reaches the new height! I have done a little pruning on it and removed some leaves that were looking blah. The plant looks much happier now and is drinking an insane amount! About 8-10 ounces a day!

Tomato May 7Rain June 15

Today our guitars got tuned. They sound just as awful as they did before. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. It couldn’t possibly be the fact that we have never played! Right?

I caught another mouse late last night or early this morning depending how you look at it! They are after my bird cage and his food so they are getting to be easy to catch, but four in seven days is still ridiculous. I have no clue where they are coming in. We have never had mice before so this is all new to me! Sticky traps seem to work the best.

Since it was a very lazy day around here I did a bunch of reading and hung out over on Twitter.

It’s going to be a busy week. I don’t do busy well. I prefer to have a slow simple life, not all this running around stuff. Fortunately, it is the last week of school so I have some 60 or so days to relax this summer, even if it is inside with a good book as the rain makes the plants grow!

I am always singing something. Today I was singing “Will the Circle be Unbroken” and we were excited to find it in the music book! I also was singing “Amazing Grace” – but that’s a song I always sing. I love it!

I started my day today with family and then returned to my haven to spend some time with Jesus, coffee and Sarah Young in Jesus Calling –the Bible and the Devotional! I absolutely LOVE both and think they are must reads for every Christian, male or female. What an amazing writer. The only disappointment is that I put off the purchase for so long!

I read off and on today Pursue the Intentional Life by Jean Fleming as part of the (in)books Bloom book study. It is an awesome book that really gets you thinking about how you can serve God today so that you can serve Him eternally in the Heavens, whenever it is that He calls you home. So many beautiful quotes, scriptural references and a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom in each word Jean Fleming uses.

So, even though it was raining and the birds were nestled away and not even the frogs were croaking my bird inside was happy and tweeting along to my music, the Aerogarden pretended to be the sun and the fish tanks showed me that some plants can’t be drowned!

I am excited to team up with the Hello Mornings groups again this week and work on Acts with them. I am looking forward to fellowship with these wonderful ladies who are quickly becoming a church family that I didn’t even realize I was attending! God is amazing like that. Putting people in one anothers path because that is where they are supposed to be.

This life, these ministry’s –they belong to HIM and we are merely His servants doing our best to spread the message of hope, faith and unconditional love.

May 232014

The Homestead Garden that Won’t Be

Around here we haven’t been able to do much of anything yet with the weather how it is. The grass got cut today but I think that was mostly out of boredom on the part of the man who loves to work outside!

My bleeding heart is the only plant that is actually doing anything out there right now and we bought a couple dozen pansies but with it still getting down to almost freezing (snow last week) we don’t dare plant them. I have two tomato plants growing right now in my Aerogarden which adds a bit of white light or the daylight feel to the house which is nice when its so grey and gloomy otherwise.

The wildlife seems desperate. By desperate I mean – the bear dug through the trash and excitedly plucked out a chocolate bar wrapper that was found on the floor of a dear child’s room. Poor bear! Can you imagine being several hundred pounds and digging through recycling and trash all for a candy bar wrapper? It is just  horribly sad.

Nothing seems to be showing much sign of life yet unfortunately. I wish we could have herbs and veggies in the ground but considering the freezing and the lack of budget it just isn’t working. So i am trying to source some seeds that will produce quick crops this year and that can be grown in containers.

[Tweet “What will you be growing this year ?”]

I think I am going to keep it simple this year and do the basics: salad fixings, baby carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber if I can find some already growing at the nursery, and fresh herbs.

I am normally starting on these things in March, not May! Fortunately I know that the Lord will always provide and He will give us a way. I am already preparing budget wise for having to purchase extras at farmers market and sales for cold storage. I am also wanting to try to make jam. We are a family that doesn’t normally eat jams so I have never made it but somewhere between may 1st and now my boy has decided he is a jam-aholic and I know that if he helps make it he will eat it and I will know whats actually in it!

Has the weather changed your gardening plans or changed your growing season? What will you be growing this year and what will you be doing different from last year?

Pictures from 2013

{Carrots lovingly grown by a child who said they were too good to share!}

361{all passengers must be safe you know!}

1027{Beauty captured in the boring ordinary – oh to see through a child’s eyes!}

896{A happy surprise found on a walk}

1489{One VERY fat frog!}

091{Being released and going home}

Feb 162014

Garden – So Much Comes to Mind

In the garden is where I grew up, bonded with my grandma, learned to fear bugs and learned how to tell the difference between a pretty weed and the food that is going to sustain us. Dragging about that big hose and being in charge of preventing kinks. Oh how I miss my grandma and getting dirty together.

Garden Five Minute FridayThe garden is also a spiritual memory because of Adam and Eve and the God who created me right there in the Garden of Eden. The God who is most high. The God who knew my heart and soul long before it ever came to life. That very Garden where the first sin occurred and monotheistic faith really began.

In the garden I think we all fear the “serpent” or snake hiding below a leaf, plant, head of lettuce. Worried that it too will jump out at us like it did to Eve. Perhaps the sin of all sins happened in Eden but I am not going to blindly trust a snake!

My heart still beats, it still flutters with excitement and joy in this life and it makes me happy because I am wise enough to know that I don’t know a thing at all and I have enough knowledge to know that I must never stop learning or striving towards the ultimate truth.

The Garden taught me that. Persevere even when you are wilted because water, the water of Christ, will always restore my soul. Yes, even though I am a sinner He has decided to bless me with the water of life – His Word. A gift that I don’t feel that I deserve but what I feel doesn’t matter because God said I deserved to learn the Word so that I too could live in the Garden of sustenance.

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