Oct 202014

So, I just found myself looking at the Banana Republic website for the first time. First, they have awesome looking things, second they are pricey! I totally fell in love with one of their featured looks, though I would want a longer skirt as personal preference.

cuteSo, while being a first time customer I was a little bit sticker shocked but then there was a popup for 25% off as a new user and if I order before end of tomorrow, October 21st Banana Republic has a sale for 30% off.

I am not sure if the two can be combined BUT it would totally rock if they could! If they can’t though  that is still a great price if you shop savvy and look for sales.

Coupon code BRCSAVE at checkout for the 30% off.

I am slowly making my wardrobe more modest and more feminine so finding a site that isn’t forcing cleavage in my face or unrealistically thin models is a definite plus. Though I don’t have the money to make a purchase right now I was wondering if any of y’all have bought from them and if their prices are worth the it, quality wise?

Searching for modest clothes has become quite the task but as a mom I don’t think it’s cool to show off too much, and I like to be comfortable. I also like knee length or slightly longer skirts just for the fact that when I bend over I don’t “scar my kids for life” as they like to put it.

It has been years since I bought clothes, like 12 years since I have actually went out and shopped for more than one piece at a time. So, I am making my wish list for Christmas and hoping that Santa can help this mama look less frumpy and more modern while being modest.

Modest mama’s where do you shop?

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