Oct 252014

Today won’t go down in the books as enjoyable. I woke up and went to let the dogs out and only two of them went. The third, my baby, Gracie, was paralyzed and couldn’t get out of the crate. I grabbed her and immediately went to the vet. Thank God for Saturday hours.

She had three or four vertebrae injured and causing swelling and all that great stuff around her spinal cord. Prognosis –Grim.

It is hard to see this little creature that you love with your entire soul, who has helped you heal in ways you didn’t know possible, break down at such a young age.

My arm and back are sore from holding her. Yet, I don’t ever want to let her go. I have hard decisions to make and none of them are good.

I love her, she is my little “pinky”, the dog who I sing “Gracie Jones eats dog bones” to and her tail goes insane. Though, I don’t know who she is right now, she seems defeated. So do I.

I know God will lead me through to make the right decision for her. He entrusted her to my hair five years ago and like a marriage that means in sickness and in health.

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