Jesus Knows

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Mar 232017
… so, yeah, it turns out that for all the chaos in life there is a Saviour who calms the storms.
He whispers into hardened hearts and deafened ears and raises the bitterest souls from the ashes with a simple calling of His Holy Name -Jesus.
It doesn’t have to audible or it can be screamed over the chaos, He will hear.
He waits for this moment for each of His children. A shepherd holding watch in the darkest of nights over each of his lambs. The staff and the rod will guide me, every day of my life.
The crooked hook that keeps the line straight and narrow if I choose to bow my head in reverence and utter a simplistic “yes”.
I don’t have to give up or sacrifice to follow and thrive. I simply need to wait and listen for the words He is placing on my heart. I need to speak to the Father of it all, offer my praise and speak my heart in prayer. To live my heart in prayer and to love the way the Son commanded, always.
When I stumble and fall He will raise me up. He will cup my chin and look into my soul and whisper “it’s okay”, and deep down inside, past the anxious fear, I know He is right. He hasn’t let me down before and He won’t start now.
I may find myself feeling rejected by man but the love of Christ is more than sufficient to bring my chalice to overflow.
When I feel all alone I have to have faith that Jesus knows –because no matter what, Jesus knows.
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  8 Responses to “Jesus Knows”

  1. Marisa, there’s such comfort in knowing that Jesus KNOWS. He knows our hurts, he knows our weaknesses, He knows when we’re going to fail. And yet, He loves. Thank you for such a beuatiful reminder of the faithfulness of Jesus.

  2. Oh Marisa, this is stunning! All I can say is Amen. I’m over in the 6 spot,

  3. What beautiful words, Marisa. Jesus embraces us in so many different ways–with the orange and purple arms of a sunset or the whisper of puppy breath on our cheek.

  4. Your words are balm.

  5. Beautifully said. How precious that “Jesus knows”, that He sees all, and is with us every step of the way! Thanks so much for sharing. Stopping by from Kelly’s 🙂

  6. Marisa, your words are such a comfort to me. Beautiful!

  7. Oh, yes, Jesus is always there to pick us up when we fall. He is so full of love and mercy and showers us with His grace. I’m so thankful to know He will never leave me even if everyone else did. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #porchstories.

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