Nov 092013


The truth is the snow has begun to fall and part of me is excited to watch the inches turn to feet. I am excited to play outside like a kid and build tunnels in the snow. I make awesome snow tunnels!

The truth is I am somewhat sad because as my children age they don’t seem to find the joy in a snow fort the way that I do. They would much rather play inside on the newest technological gadget than use their imaginations to play outside.

Five Minute Friday

As fall approached and flew right on by they didn’t really do much of anything. It was either too cold or too wet for them. You would think they were made of sugar!

{I mean, who wants melted children?}

Ultimate Truth!

The ultimate truth though is in the Word of God. The Bible and how blessed we are as a family to have those gadgets to rid us of a rainy day! His Word to teach us, guide us, mold us into better people. People who want nothing more than to serve the Lord by serving others. That’s right, a servants heart! Even the Lord Himself came here to serve!

1Kings Chapter 18

How blessed we truly are!

I am excited to find so much inspiration in the words of others and through their photos of whats going on in their lives. Of the calm that can only be described as the holy spirit residing within the walls of their homes. I know that through prayer, dedication and a lot of love I will also get there one day and have the patience of a saint (okay maybe not quite, but one can always hope!)

God is the truth, the way and the light! 
I will follow Him all the days of my life!
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  2 Responses to “Truth”

  1. OooooH! I love snow too! We recently had a storm that knocked out the electricity and consequently all technology. It was so nice to be together as a family without those distractions. Keep on following the ultimate truth and guiding your children in it. It will pay off. And make them climb in that snow fort with you!!! Thx for sharing, an FMF neighbor

  2. Snow- you are delighting in the fun. I like your structure with window peaks into your thinking. The ultimate truth was beautifully transitioned.

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