Oct 292014

It always amazes me how I can send out one tweet or post one update asking for prayers and how many people respond with positive thoughts, prayers and well wishes.

This community I am a part of whether it’s the Five Minute Friday ladies, the Hello Mornings ladies or people who I am simply friends with online it just makes me want to drop to my knees and thank God for the unity He has provided us with.

He united us in His name for a purpose and even when that purpose isn’t apparent having faith that it is there at all is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced!

We also unite as community in other ways, words of encouragement, a listening ear, reassurance, constructive critism, being excited for someone and being able to share in their joy and in their sorrow.

Having that hand to hold.

United by God

United through our beliefs

United through our morals and values

United because we are all sisters in His holy name!

How has the Lord united something dear to you?

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